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As a member of the SFM community and their proprietary business system you’ll have a unique opportunity to earn affiliate commissions* as an authorised affiliate (reseller) of the many different products and services we (Digital Experts, LLC) offer.  
For example; services like Digital Business Lounge (website building and online marketing tools) and mentorship packages we offer with Digital Experts Academy.

Now naturally, what we find is that once our students (like you) understand this, they get very excited with the prospect of being able to earn commissions without having to create or build anything first. Think of it as being able to ‘earn while you learn’. 

However, most people usually have one burning question… 
How will they make sales without any existing online selling/business experience?

So today’s Video you  will give you a clear understanding how to do that using a strategy called “List Building For Profit”

Watch Video – “List Building For Profit”.

A strategy and system that requires:

  • No cold calling (or personal selling)
  • No need to speak with anyone 
  • No hard sell or chasing people
  • No previous online business experience 

And check this out: They pay their authorized SFM affiliates (resellers) up to 40% commission of each DEA mentorship package sale. All you have to do is promote the marketing materials they give you and with every person who submits an application to join the Academy, we pay you up-to *40% commission on all DEA sales. 

As mentioned already, today’s video will give you a clear understanding of how you can earn a lucrative income as a member of the SFM private community, using a strategy called “List Building For Profit” so go and check it out right now as we’re sure it will answer many of your burning questions!

Watch Video  Above – “List Building For Profit”.

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*This is a genuine Business Tool & Training opportunity so no false promises – Individual results will vary greatly according to hard work, determination, effort and your ability to follow directions.