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🌈 430 – Fri 09 Apr 23:55 2021


Everything that negative that I just created thinking please get deleted. Something just had come in my mind and had made very angry. “All emotions and patterns assocatated from my mind in relation to that occurring thought and all emotions attached to that thought, again all patterns please immediately get deleted across mind time dimensions.. “

Whether you think you’re ready or not, just start right now. There is a magic in action. Next time you have a thoughts, you catch yourself thinking a thought, ask yourself is it contribution towards your positive goal or is it a limitation associated with your past or future. It’s repeating because it has unresolved emotions associated to it. Understand what it is trying to teach you and then let go and release all emotions associated to it. You just observe it without judgment, if it is repeating again and again, you can say it out loud, “everything that I was just thinking, please get deleted from my memory”..

One would ask then what is wrong with thinking – There is nothing wrong with thinking but if you don’t know what is your pattern of thinking, negative or positive. if it’s negative, you will be repeating the same experiences again and again because most of your thought becomes you’re reality. If you keep thinking negative you will be attracting same negative experiences..

Woke up 7.. Sun was out it was so bright and beautiful. cold very cold. still cold 7 degrees.

Friday today so happy logged in work early around 7:30.. did not go for run earlier mediated 15 min.. Morning half was busy with work, took a 20 min nap lunch time listening to guided meditation for anger and stress relief on youtube nice fell a sleep but got a marketing call while falling a sleep, I told her to plz put my number in do not call list.. and then slept for bit.

If people say you are unrealistic, you are on the right path!

13:35 went to shower work and did Friday prayer.. logged off work around 4:30 pm..

During the week this italian guy said he’ll come to see the room to let, he came saw the room, the flat I was taking I think it all took around 40 min. then had my Tea. Dinner.. Daal roti.. then worked on laptop for a little bit more.. again mediated 15 min.

18:45 took a nap 30 min listening to “guided mediation to stop procrastinating” then got off bed around 8:30..

Prince Philip died today.

Well done guys only 60 Covid deaths today. Stay home just a few more days and it will all be over.. England will move to “step two” of easing restrictions from 12 April, with non-essential shops, gyms and hairdressers allowed to re-open, along with outdoor spaces at pubs and restaurants.

Hairdressers, homeware shops and garden centres re-opened in Scotland this week, after the “stay at home” rule became “stay local”.

In Wales, which moved to “stay local” advice on 13 March, four people from two different households can meet up outdoors to socialise.

In Northern Ireland, two households will be able to meet outdoors from 12 April

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • For the abundance of the water on the planet
  • For existence of languages
  • For words letter and alphabets

What would it take for me to and for you to be able to delete every negative patter we have and have a easy relaxed fun pleasure yet productive weekend.

Ngit ! Ash

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