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🌈 453 – Tuesday 4 May 23:45 2021


Hello writing 453rd time on this time planet existence given for which I’m thankful.

Modern love David bowie song was online and It felt so situational and nice.

I know when to go out And when to stay in, Get things done I catch a paper boy, But things don’t really change I’m standing in the wind But I never wave bye-bye But I try, I try..

Logged in work shart at 8 AM.. work was cool. so busy in the office so they even cancelled the morning huddle. I was happy.

Went to super market at my lunch break. Tesco. there weren’t many people outside nor in the supermarket. I don’t really know since Covid where did all the humans disappeared. I did read in the new paper most of them are still in the self imposed lockdowns.

Portugal and some greek and Spanish islands have been declared safe for travel from today. so happy again! but people play it safe for few more day. Don’t get carried away.. and well done to Canary Island and Israel highly vaccinated.

What can we do about India? I cannot look at the news. second wave of the virus, today the country passed a milestone of 20 million cases, 10 million of which have been registered in the last four months and recorded 300,000 new Covid cases for the 13th consecutive day but actual figure believed to be 10 times higher due to nationwide testing.. Retired armed forces and trainee doctors everyone has been cal’d in for help. I really hope they won’t ask my father to join and I know he will not say no if they ask.

4:40 pm logged off work sharp. Was gonna go for a walk but did not feel like. 22/30 of the Ramadhan fast has gone well. Just a few more days and the fasts will be over.

17:30 After Asr namaz took a nap for an hour. 20:32 Iftar time. went well..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for God to accept my fasts.
  • for the energy to fast.
  • for all these small small processes of fasts, prayers peligrims etc to all humans.

What would it take for me and for you to and our families and everyone around us still to have entire immunity from the covid.. Night! sleep well! Ash

Sorry I don’t ever proof read anything I wrote bkz I write for myself and I’m sure I can understand when I read.

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