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🌈 468 – Thu 27 May 23:57 2021


Hsa woke up around 8:20, was still in bed did not open my eyes yet and I was feeling so grateful and I told myself, should I open my eyes? then I said no let’s do the prayer and I sent a “Durud” to Prophet Mohammad.. and then I said let’s do affirmations. and I said ok, and I did.. “What would it take for me to earn £300K/Day now?” 30 times.. then opened my eyes. the Sun was inside the room was very bright and beautiful, then I looked in front of me on the wall I had this builders animation made with my head-on on the face so the first thing and the last thing I see is that when I go to bed that’s what I would like the physic to be.

I put my legs on the floor and I said thank you and thank you. I had to pee it was soo fun so I went sat down, just peed.. long, and then came back lie down for a little bit longer. Usually, there is a dad’s message in the morning sending religious Urdu good morning forward blessings message. I want to polish my Urdu language so I usually read those.. today it said like

Assalam Alaikum, May God bless you all with complete happiness in life and May God bless you, for you never need to be dependent on anyone… Amen and amen.. I love reading Urdu, this is one of the gifts parents privately tuition gave me the knowledge of a language.. they thought us Urdu and Arabic at home..

then said to me I don’t need to smoke now, let’s do new, and I went to the kitchen and ate a can of Tuna and then came into the room smoked a little weed, and sat down and meditated for 15 minutes on Joe Dispenza’s changing beliefs mediation.. then ate the brown chickpeas nuts and almonds that I soaked in the water last night and then ate 4 pills I branch chain amino acid, 1 glutamine, 1 creatine (muscle recovery) 1 glucosamine chondroitin (bone support) and then got ready and went to the Gym..

Got to the gym around 10:15.. I said brain it’s a failure.. my intensions was this week to get to go to gym around 6:30 Am I had taken this entire week off since I went back to the gym after the lockdown and then the Ramadhan so this is the first week. today I did 3 x sets of pull-ups and dips as a warmups ..

this song was on the radio just now.. “Do what you want to do… Are we all strangers

Does anyone really care

Deep down we’re all the same

Trying to hide our pain

You think you can never trust another

‘Cause they’re all out to get ya

We have to live in this world together

If we open up our hearts

Love can finally start

Come on and try, now’s the time

‘Cause you’re free

To do what you want to do

You’ve got to live your life

Do what you want to do.. ” Free Ultra Nate

In the gym I had done Leg press single leg box squat then Tircep press, Stretch skullcrusher, Rope tricep extension, Caveman curls, sitting hammer curls, dubell bicep curls and a set of Shoulders on the machine and a 4 x final one drop set of Abs.. all exercises 4 sets x 8 reps with affirmation always as health, wealth, beauty, success, confidence, testosterone, growth harmone.

Got home around 11:45.. was so hungry, boiled the kettle, put some rice in the rice cooker.. then this English guy started messaging me.. from the website saying recently broke up with wife and If available for the weekend to book me and wants to spend the entire day with me and wants to know the price and I said, I usually do 100 in call and 150 out call but for the full weekend if you wanna spend the entire weekend, I’m happy to do for you for £500. He’s said, are you usually nice with deals to clients how’s you fancy coming over fri evening till Monday morning? 1000 We can relax chill out and stuff.

It was unbelievable for me and I said, Thanks, I’d love to do that, have a beer with you.

13:30.. ate lunch quickly stew beef cooked as curry coupled days ago from the fridge and then there was another guy started texting at the same time when the above guy was messaging some indian guy started messaging he wanted me to come over to the hotel in Hammersmith I said yes fine, he said ok fine as quick as possible.. he’s in the hotel room now and waiting.. and wants to pay only 100 an hour but will send uber back and forth I said yeah that’s fine I usually do for 150 an hour..

Sleep is coming, missions abandon. Going sleep now. go. go. 3

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for parents
  • Gratefuel for H2O water.
  • Grateful for sleep which is coming.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up to something really cool tomorrow? Night. x Ash