Sat 23 Jan 23:46 2020


Woke up very early Ms Sandra had messaged.. Hi Ash. Have You had more snow. This is what I have been doing. Hope you have a good day. The puzzle thing she was doing and she sent me the picture of the ice in the Garden in the morning.

I said, there is no snow here today Ms Sandra, and all humans seems disappeared there is no body on the streets and I sent her the empty pics of one side it was grey and dark and then I turned around and this side there were a couple people walking so I went into my gallery pics and sent her a pic that took yesterday.. and I said I will go for a walk later on but I had no intentions to do it. “everything that made me say that unintentioanl thing please get deleted”.

I will go for a walk but it stayed in all day just working eating watching.. working mostly. Created so many pages of posts pages from the convertri. about 30 pages to go.

Sunday is fun day. I can do more tomorrow.

Mother phoned around 5:30.. had been listening to “how to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie’s book throughout the day. finished it. so beautiful book. watched an episode of Bridgeton on Netflix, so funny.

Was chatting to brother as well in the evening. later at night he sent me the pic of a dua to recite. 

3 things grateful for today

  • for tissue papers
  • for my phone..
  • for the Higgs field.

What would it take for me and for you to experience something really cool this weekend.

Night.. x Ash 

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Canning Town, London 2021

Sunset river Thames around Albert Embankment. London

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