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Hey ,

You want to know something funny?

I don’t begrudge anyone who follows the ‘normal’ path in life. I think there’s something quite innocent and romantic about someone who thinks they can study hard, go to college, and get a decent job before they’re 30. 

In ‘normal’ times, it’s actually quite sweet. 

Even now when it’s clear that we’ll not be back to ‘normal’ for months or even years, and that we’re staring down at one of the greatest economic crises in history, I understand why people flock to the ‘tried and tested’ methods like college. 

There’s just one problem…

Just college doesn’t work!

‘Working hard’ only, doesn’t work! 

But you know this, 

It’s why you made one of the most incredible investments you could when you purchased the sfm education. 

This means you’re on your way to building a business that will truly change your life.

And because I believe in this and your journey, I’d like to invite you to a very special training we’re hosting this week. 

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