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🌈 546 – Sun 26 Sep 12:40 2021


Sitting at my desk and doing some work. Have the headphones on, working on updating the website.

Woke up early, a few txts in WhatsApp.. brother went back to work the first day since getting married, dad was saying good luck in the office and then I woke up and saw all those messages, and then I also said good luck and * good day.

Started looking for flats, What would it for me to move into a place, which is much bigger than this, much comfier, much comfortable, much central, much cozier, much brighter, much authentic, have a much better view and even pay less than what I’m currently paying now? Amen!

I would love to move into Strata. Next 15 min I will be researching studio flats in Strata..Let’s see.

I found a couple of agencies and I wrote them a message, “Hey guys, I’m looking for a studio flat to rent in Strata or around here. The budget is only up to 1200, students, I also work in law full time, Kennington, clean and good tenant. Please if you have anything come up, will you please give me a call? Looking to move from 15th October..Β thanks, Ash”

Worked through until 6, 6:30.. then took a nap and then went for Run.. first Vauxhall bridge, then Lambeth bridge then Westminster bridge.. it was just getting dark.. a lot of people were bridges.

got homemade dinner ate and then

Went swimming at lunchtime.. got back to work, rest of the day went well. logged off work at 5:30. Mother phoned around that time, Dad was in the same room, they already had their dinner.

I took a nap.

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • grateful for glass
  • grateful for cloth
  • Grateful for the color green.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, active, richer, healthy, and happier tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive day?

Good Night. Good Luck! Ash