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🌈 619 – Sat 5 Feb 16:49 2022


Sitting on my bed on my laptop and trying to figure out – do you need to be registered with companies house If you have a blog website online? The answer is, No, if you’re a sole trader, you’re not needed to but if you’re registered as Limited liability then you need to.

I think I’m registered as a Limited liability company, under Educational services. So I have a website, it’s a blog website, the blog is you can daily type anything and keep updating it and pages will ring on google at some point if the content has the quality.

And if your website is updated without any empty pages, or error and follows all the google compliance then you can monetize your website by allowing google/companies to put advertisements on your website this is called Google Adsense.

It’s not a difficult process, but simple, all you need to do is sit down each day and start.. and start writing. Write anything.. remember the time, when we didn’t understand some grammar or why that poet guy has to write that way and why I have now remembered that, that is exactly how people will do research on your writing. so everybody, therefore, I give you now permission to write.. this what you wanted, someone to say Go. go and write.. go now go..

8:30 AM Dad rung from home saying hello. I said I’m sorry you’re aunty is gone, we spoke for a few min. All’s well.

09:40 AM.. got ready and went running.. wore shorts a full sleeve jeans top and a monkey hat and ran. It’s so windy outside today. From Oval to Vauxhall bridge, then Lambeth bridge and then to Westminster bridge ran by the hearts on the wall St. Thomas’s The Covid Memorial wall. tbh, I don’t want to look at it, there is always someone standing with flowers or candles and there’s I feel a huge rush of heavy emotion pushing out everything I go towards there.. I bet for years to come, everyone’s gonna walk through the Covid memorial wall in London will feel the same rush of emotions pushing through their chest.

I feel so horny the whole day. Just stayed in I do not wanna go out until the entire website is updated. It’s time blocking.

This video got my attention and I wanted to share it with you! New technologies have always fascinated me, artificial intelligence is certainly one of them.Β 

It’s predicted that a vast number of traditional jobs will be replaced with more efficient systems of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation within the next decade.

Jobs in all sectors are facing a huge transformation. What will we humans occupy ourselves with when we no longer are needed to make society tick?

Watch the video here below to get some really valuable insights and perhaps a glimpse into the future!

Watch the video here

Click on the image below..Β 

3 things I feel grateful for today

  • Grateful for my laptop and apple technology.
  • Grateful for wireless and internet connection
  • So grateful for my parents and siblings for always being supportive.

What would it take for me and for you to get to experience something really cool this week and all negative patterns created opposing that, please get deleted now!

Sleeping soon. Good luck, good night. Ash