I bet you have heard about the comfort zone? It’s where we feel safe and know and can predict exactly what’s happening around us. 
It’s where we are biologically programmed to be. If we left our comfort zones back when we lived in caves, it meant that we explored new places and tried things we hadn’t before. 
Something that often got us killed. So to survive it was essential to stay in our comfort zones as much as possible in order to survive and pass our genes forward. 
Even though this isn’t the case in today’s society this behaviour is still programmed into our DNA.
In fact, if we stay in our comfort zones today it means that we don’t try new things, don’t learn new skills, don’t grow as persons and don’t live up to our full potentials
Take a moment to look at the video below that answers some of your questions from my mentor Stu. 


In order to reach your full potential and live your dream life you must put yourself in the “Learning Zone” and the “Growth Zone”.
The only thing that stands between you and living your best life is fear.
Passing the “Fear Zone” is nothing that just happens by itself, it requires determination and conscious action, otherwise our subconscious will come up with all sorts of excuses to why you shouldn’t.
Take in this concept. Next time you are facing something that both scares and excites you at the same time, do it! It’s the best sign you can get that you are going in the direction towards learning and growth. 
Wish you all the best!

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