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🌈 637 – Sun 27 Feb 14:24 2022


It’s 11 degrees C and Sun is out and falling on my fingertips as I type. Headphones are in my ears and I felt like I need to remove them, it’s quiet and silent now I hear water drops falling on some radiator on the stairways outside, the fridge is making some tuck tuck noise and there is a slow continues kichykichykichykichykichhy ghungru noise I hear.

Woke up to a Rxxx’s call from Australia, she just got to work, 8 pm evening for her, and she woke me up good morning.. she’s becoming a dear frind.s. married to my best friend Rxxxxx. Axxxx is going to soccer practice. bless him. so happy for them.

When was the last time you stopped, and I mean truly stopped?

I’ve had the realisation lately of the sweetness of taking time every day to simply be still ✨

To realign my priorities, reflect on the past and dream about the future.

We live in a society that is constantly turned on.

Busyness overtakes us every day, so often we will come to the end of the year and say ‘how on earth is it January already? It was only yesterday that I was started last year.’

Don’t let this year be the same.

Make it a priority this year to take time every day to stop, to be thankful, and dream about the future.

Taking the time to be still and reflect, will show you how far you’ve really come. It will also highlight areas that may need some more attention.

Embrace stillness, and allow these moments to align you with your dreams for the future.

One way to instantly feel better is to care for others.