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🌈 614 – Fri 28 Jan 23:57 2022


Woke up at 8:30 and was feeling so good. Sun was out. Ate a can of tuna, a cup of tea with milk mediated 15 min. Destruction of the Oval theatre is happening next door so the crane was making huge noises breaking the walls in the morning which woke me.

Woke up sat up and did the affirmations.. Sat on the desk after the cup of tea. There was already an email from the companies house reminding me to file the accounts, I needed to change the company registered address so I had to give the company house a 6 digit code so they disable the automated code generation system that will allow me to log in with the code I gave them instead they send me in a post every time I need to login into my company accounts.

Company house you’re wasting paper, you’re wasting postal service, you’re making people wait.. let’s add that to our ideas list here..

I’m going to bed now, I’m feeling sleepy,. I will finish it tomorrow. Postpone or procrastinate.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times happier, richer, active, stronger and have a relaxing yet very productive weekend tomorrow.?

Do you get impatient for results?

Well, a result is just the endpoint of the process.

You need to be engaged in the process, rather than just focusing on the result.

It’s like being on a journey.Β If you’re walking and just trying to see the endpoint, you’re going to start thinking you’re on the wrong path if you don’t see your goal.

But if you’re on the right path, you will get to your goal.Β You just need to keep engaging in the process of walking.

Let’s go on a journey towards our destiny,Β knowing that we’ll get there because we’re on that journey!

With that in mind,Β this week, let’s go on that journey, and focus on that, rather than the goal.

Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful week ahead!




🌈 1132 – Friday 16 February 23:18 2024

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