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🌈 573 – Sat 20 Nov 23:59


Woke up early, without an alarm. I was feeling good. Still dark outside. Ate a can of Tuna, mediated for 15 min. 9:17 Mxx my mate from Sudan was in the area, so he had messaged me earlier if I was home at the Oval. He said he was out last night, and I was on his way home, came over for T’ea stayed for an hour, and left.


11:30 AM phone mother. She missed the call later, she messaged, she will read Asar Namaz and then will ring me. then I said no, ring me after 1 pm I’m going to go to a class.

12:00 I went to Yoga class at the gym pure gym oval. 12:00 to 1pm yoga class this new teacher is good she was showing the puppies that her dog gave birth to 9 puppies.

Got home straight from yoga, Dad phoned, at that time, my sister was phoning him, while he was talking to me to give him the news of my little Niece getting into the medical state rank 1309 / 179 Dad was so happy singing.. probably dancing. then made a group call where I joined with sister, niece, dad and I..

Then for an hour around 14:40 I worked on updating the website.

16:30 walked up to Tesco, the big one Kennington road, bought white chocolate cookies, beef, tuna, and ate bananas and rest of the day I did out, out out for the night

Why am I on my own on a Friday night?
My friends are on my phone, they keep blowin’ up my line (hello)
Send me your location, the Uber’s outside (yeah)
Runnin’ out of time.  … Joel Corry and Jax Jones playing on the Capital radio London..