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 🌈 452 – Mon 03 May 23:44 2021


Woke up I don’t know what time it was so peaceful no work so don’t have to look at time. The windows were open but it was grey and dull and very cloudy today outside and all afternoon it rained.

It was very windy in the morning, and all the petals from the tree next to my balcony were flying.. this season the whole tree turn like a huge flower it becomes full white and then a few days later all the petals fall and they were all coming into my balcony so I wanted to sit outside but it was cold so I didn’t and then I forgot to bring the chair back in and it rained all afternoon.

It was bank holiday Monday today

I was on my laptop in the morning researching google Adsense.. and updating the social content on the website., and at mid-day, I started to byheart the Joseph Campbell script 100 times and I felt like sleeping and slept in the late afternoon.. I didn’t want to get off later when I woke up but I needed to check the time for Iftar.

The 21st day of the Ramadhan fast gone well.. broke the fast at 20:30.. was good!

had listened to Richard on Tim’s podcast and then Arianna.. bless them

what would it take for me to manifest a burger now! night Ash

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