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Always choose to understand, even it hurts.

🌈 672 – Sat 23 Apr 23:58 2022


Woke up early, had gone to bed around 4:30 AM. Doing the last minute shopping before I fly out to Riyadh tomorrow. Feeling so good. Going to be some family a time for a long after a long time looking forward to it rather.

9:20 AM What is the first thing I need to do now that’s the most important than anything else? I need to go and print out the Arrival Registration Form that was required by the Saudi Government on arrival, I need to print it, my scanner’s off and Saturday works closed so I cannot go in.

So I got ready and walked from Oval to Kennington park and from behind via Paisley partk walked towards East Street Walworth road, East street market was packed, I didn’t walk inside the market as I did not have a mask.. by the side of the East street there are mobile shops where I saw a tall bearded guy probably from Lebanon and his little son in the shop and a guy sitting outside the shop on the chair who also looked like middle eastern. I walked upto them and got my Iphone 10x out and asked him to replace the screensaver the top glass was broken but it was only broken on the screen which I had put on a few years ago, he took my phoned checked and he asked, is this pic yours? my screen saver was a muscle builder ripped pic it was I smiled and said no, he quickly replaced the screen while his son watched he said £10 pounds please, I then took my other phone out of the pocket Iphone 12 and asked him to replace the screen and he said, oh nice. is this Iphone 12 or 13 and I said, probably is 12 the guy sitting outside on the chair said it’s 12.. I have no idea what it was dn it doesn’t matter if it was 6 or 12.. things come and go.. so face your future without fear..

On my way I got the prints done both the Arrival registration form, evisa and also the insurance document and walked back the same way via Kennington Tube station and got home to Oval, rested for a bit and then I walked upto Nine elms to return a watch I bought last night and to buy a Microwave, I carried microwave back home and had taken the wrong watch for replacement so I bought it back.

What’s happening in the world, it came in light that, France, Gemany sold arms to Russia who have been planning for looks like it seems for years.. Telegraph reports, Paris and Berlin sent Moscow some £230 m of military hardware, including rockets, misiles that are likely being used in Ukraine.. The European commission found that at least 10 member states exported almost €350 million hardware supplied, some 78 percent of that total was supplied by German and French Firms.. disgrace, no one could figure out why Russia was buying and collecting all these itenaries. what is intellegence of the countries doing.. what work are they doing collecting coins and pretending to work or making Don movies. waste fellows.. so eat and get big.

21st Roza the fast going well. I was feeling so good. Broke my fast around 8:12 pm and ate food. . then started getting ready packing bags until 4 am until the Sehr.. packed most of the bags for the airport.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For being able to walk from Oval to East street and walk back home.
  • Grateful for having a productive day and still feeling myself.
  • Grateful for going to be making a great journey to middleeast tomorrow.

What would it take for me and for you to have a successul trip tomorrow and have wonderful trip filled with love, joy, happiness filled with travel, solace and no ego and negative feelings.. and all negative patterns that not allowing this to happen smoothly.. Please get deleted now.. going to bed.

Good night, good luck.. Ash


 May all beings be be aware, well, and happy.