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Β It’s the time of year that hearts and roses and chocolates pop up everywhere – where we’re told that the measure of our love is equal to the size of the teddy bear we buy or the exclusivity of the restaurant reservation we make. But Valentine’s Day should be about so much more, because LOVE is about so much more.

Love wakes us up to the gift of life – it’s our ultimate human superpower.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, this season causes us to reflect on our relationships, past and present, and to imagine a passionate, connected and love-filled future.

100% Fresh DailyΒ But reflection and imagination won’t create the magnificent relationship that you deserve – only action will do that.

Remember: love isn’t something that just happens. Love is an action.

Commit to being the best partner you can be – be actively engaged in the pursuit of love. Because when you give love freely, unconditionally and enthusiastically, it will come rushing back to you many times over.