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Happy Weekend..

Question for you…

One of the key influences on our behaviour and decisions is – social proof.

Do you think your decisions are yours and yours alone without any outside influence?

For example, If you see other people running, you don’t have time to stop and see whether theyโ€™re chased by a lion, or are running away from something…ย 


You drop what you do and – run! Just in case, right?

But now?

This so-called โ€œherd mentalityโ€ is actually hurting your chances of success!

You see, a vast majority of people go through life either being scared or trying to blend in with the majority.

But, as experience often shows, the majority is almost always wrong.

And if you want to be successful, you need to look at what the majority is doingโ€ฆ and then do the exact opposite.

Zig, when they zag.


During this COVID-19 crisis,ย people havenโ€™t stopped buyingย – both the things they need and the things they want.

Are you afraid to do things differently? and be in a seller’s place?

Some of the greatest fortunes in history were created during the most turbulent times. This a golden opportunity.

If you keep following the majority, youโ€™ll end up in the same place as them.

So you gotta ask yourself – do you want to be where the majority is now? Or do you want to be successful?

Zig, when they zag.

Stay safe and keep zigging,