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🌈 671 – Fri 22 Apr 23:48 2022


I just saw this girl just celebrating her 8 years in an office. I related myself to it same and what have I achieved? how are my relations, how is my confidence? what are my work ethics?

Sitting at my desk and checking the government rules for abroad travel. British Airways had emailed, action required before you buy to Saudi Arabia email, how to prepare for your trip

British travel guidance and Saudi vaccine registration forms..

Woke up very early Friday went well. Logged in work sharp around 08:08 AM. Probably 21st Roza went well. Just try to check in BA flight and it said you’re too early, try before 24 hours of your flight.

Lunch break I went to Peckham to buy gifts, I spoke to mother on the phone from the shop, then I got home.. did more work and.. then walked up to Stockwell to see a guardian flat, viewing done.. On my way back went to Sainsbury’s Argos and bought a few more bunches of gifts and then got home and took nap. It was close to getting Iftar time.. brother had messaged some parents’ documents.

The day flew like that. I had been waiting for the new flat to get confirmed but I have other future to be made it seems so let us go with the flow.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For being able to plan and organise the trip in advance.
  • Grateful for having the flat left to myself when I return.
  • Grateful for the great family and a trip to plan recently.

What would it take for me and for you to be able to execute all the plans in an organised manner and not stress out and have a relaxing relaxing and relaxing yet productive time off all negative patterns please get deleted now?

Good night, good luck, can’t wait for the weekend, off to bed.. Night. Ash


Invest in your future. Nobody else will do it for you.

 Healing yourself is the greatest comeback.