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Divi Elementary

Divi Poetry

‘I won’t need any more happiness, I wont need anymore good lucks.. I have everything, this one thing made me so happy!Β 


I won’t ask for any spotlights, nor I wish to seek those lights.. because I have one thing that I found,Β  Β that I’ve looked for that thing.Β Β 


That one thing that I saw, that made me so happy!Β 

That one thing that I cannot forget of, the one thing that got me so much joy!Β 

It starts with Bismillah and ends with Madeenah.. this one thing’s only return is kindness with love.Β 


This one thing stays in my mind, One thing can’t take my mind of, my brothers hand looking so cute., it grew my sis in law cooking so well.. made me so happy!Β  Β 


A Word


– Abdul HaleemΒ