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🌈 433 – Tuesday 13 Apr 23:48 2021


I was gonna skip writing today and then in the last 10 min I happened to look at the time, each time it was reminding me to go do some work.. they are all little signs guiding me to do and follow up on things. and then the choices you make have a lot of energy attached to it.

So each choice that you make has energy attached to it. So you have to ask yourself whether the choice you’re making aligns with your goals. For example, I want to go out tonight, then I say no I have stayed in and finish some work. Then a friend phones saying, Hey, I’m in the area, let’s get a drink. Here I can make a choice to go and meet a friend or make a choice to stay at home and finish some work bkz this work is going to help towards achieving goals. So choosing either one of these. So you will be contributing you’re positive energy towards whatever the choice or goal is.

Making too many choices in your day not contributing towards your goals will deviate you from your main goals. And you should always have the main goal and should always be working towards a goal, personally, professionally, eating, sleeping, drinking, talking meeting every activity a human does he or she should have goals and should always keep changing the things and activities you do because the brain really appreciates with the change and unanticipated. So surprise the brain. If you want to keep your brain active then you should regularly do things differently.

If you do the same thing, again and again, every day then it becomes a habit. For example, if you put the alarm on every day at 5 AM and get to the gym by 6 AM if you do this every day for about 50 to 60 days it becomes a habit. Research suggests 56 but approx those many days will help you develop a habit, then you can concentrate on the rest of the hours you have in a day what you want to do with them.

3 thing I’m grateful for today

  • For this beautiful view in front of me.
  • For humans inventing lamps.
  • For all humans and their ability to talk with their voices. x

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x time stronger, bigger, healthier, happier and richer tomorrow .. and have a relaxing yet productive day!

Night, good luck x Ash!