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šŸŒˆ 567 – Wed 10 Nov 23:59 2021

Woke up early .. logged in to work sharp. Did some training around 11.. attended a meeting at 2:30 pm.. walked up to Walworth Road, via Paisley park by Kennington station to the Driving theory test center at 3:30 pm. 4 pm was my test and I passed. Multiple choice 47 out of 50 and hazard perception part 66 out of 75.

It was raining outside while I walked back. I felt like eating burgers so I got 3 cheeseburgers and a bottle of orange juice from Mcdonalds Walworth road and walked back via Kennington Park. Mother was happy when I messaged her and brother was happy sister was happy and Dad will see when he wakes up. My passing the driving test made a lot of people happy.

Took a nap as 6:30 pm. Got ready to go for run but then decided not to and started tidying up and cooking and eating just started chilling.. It felt so good.

Claibon started phoning me today. Claibon is a recruitment company that I was going to register today to do some extra temp work at the weekends. they phoned me 3 times offering me shifts.

Ate dinner around 10 pm watching Dynesty. It was good.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for that test centre being so close to home.
  • For walking
  • Grateful to parents.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger bigger happier and richer tomorrow and all negative patterns against that happening please disappear.

Night sleep well..

Good night sleep well. the night is here and will take all your fear.

Good night sleep well. the night is here and the stars will also be here..

So there is nothing for you my dear.. but all is well is here..

All well is here and all well is here..

All well is here and all well is here..

Good night my dear! good night my dear!! x

You see writing a poem is not soo difficult.. xx