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Work hard now so your future self can thank you

🌈 1085 – Friday 17 Nov 2023 23:14


Woke up early, feeling happy and relieved, a huge piece of work was done this week work wise and I feel very very very very very happy and grateful.

Day off today but have an opportunity to be an extra for an American TV assignment so need to get there by 09:30 AM… Have been up for the usual time around 5 am and could not sleep for an extra half hour even after I snoozed the alarm. Cold, grey, and wet outside, and was stuffy last night had to take the trackies off and found myself too hot in bed, but feeling good and optimistic this morning.

Sat at the end of the bed again meditated for 7 min, did the affirmation.. got dressed, Tracksuits, Tshirt, rain thick jacket, and got to the gym at 05:50, not a lot of people there at the end of the week, was hoping to see one person I had a crush on but not to been seen for a couple of weeks, wonder what happened.. Bro consistency is key! so get back to the gym!

Did upper body, It had not been 24 hours, since I’d been to the gym in the past, last night, I did the Abs class with the trainer since I needed to get to the shoot for filming, I wanted to look bulked and confident, so I said yes, let me go to the gym, and glad I did, had a really, really, really good workout, 4 sets of 8 reps of pull ups, Shoulder Dumbell presses, Incline Bench presses, Lateral raises sides and left sharp, I still have the Biryani that I’ve picked up, can’t remember now, if it was last night or the day before, but got 2 boxes so ate one and got ready to go to the set.. left home at 09:05, Stockwell Station, got to Kings Cross St Pancras station at 09:40, the agent was already waiting there, we all met up in front of the Camden Town hall, stood there a few min until the late comers arrived then we were escorted to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, on our way there, this guy asked me for directions to Natwest bank and his phone died and the agent was like, can you please just follow me, and we went to the hotel where the film crew was held for waiting and seated there..

The hotel was itself very grand, with a grand staircase, a huge piano playing by itself, and long old corridors and red carpets, it’s beautiful graded old magnificent London building built in 1870’s something.. old style grand buildings. We crew hung out there for a few hours, took a lot of pics, talked and caught up with the rest of the crew, etc. Another guy with blond hair, a girl with a bit darker skin, and I were later dressed up as New York Cops and then took us in the car to the filming area which was in Shoreditch.

In Shoreditch East London, they were filming a set scene in New York, I haven’t been to New York yet but I see it looks like Shoreditch.. We were placed at the Queen’s head Shoreditch craft pub where the crew ate lunch and rested the rest of the day until the call time arrived. The scenes were filmed next to it there was a construction site, it was there.. They walked us back and forth a couple of times to the set and filming was actually not that long, was done in 40 min, just one shot.. but sitting and waiting and waiting was a long time spent.

Wearing a uniform was a strange but great experience, it gave a sense of confidence wearing it and walking around.. The shoot ended around 18:30 and we were released,, I walked around Shoreditch for a while and got a sandwich before heading back home to Stockwell and having an early night tonight, tomorrow’s another big day coming up.

Around the world with the rest of the people I share the planet with today –

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for the opportunities that are kicking in.

  • Grateful for today’s day and the experiences and the people I met.

  • Grateful for being in a location where I have been able to commute easily..


  • What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, more energetic, confident, happy, make it to work early tomorrow, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed..

    Goodnight, good luck..



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