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Future you see is the future you get..Β 

🌈 1078 – Fri 10 November 2023 23:48


Just in bed watching the documentary of Marco Polo the Adventurer. Long overdue trying to catch up with this. The great traveler on the Silk Road. The good thing is he wrote everything he experienced and witnessed. Later in life the scribbles he made as notes, his biography was drafted into a book called The Travels of Marco Polo..

So write, anything each day, notes, or pages or articles.. anything at all but just write.. write and write.. You may think your life itself is boring, but who’s gonna read it, so write for yourself, one day you’ll look back and see what you were doing on this day of this prison called earth that you were sent to and it’s up to you to decide where you’re a hero in your story or a victim.

So decide now, what do you want to be a character in the drama of your life? is it a drama of sameness or is it a drama of an adventurer? No matter, what it is, no matter whether you make it or not be your Hero! A Hero with a Thousand Faces! The one who is reading is the face of a reader, when you write you will be the face of a writer.. when you’re brushing your teeth, you will be the face of a brusher. haha!

Be the face you want, be the face of the God on the planet experiencing life in each form.

Friday today, I woke up early, cold, grey, and wet outside. Had some nibbles for breakfast, and logged in to work sharp. So glad to be logging in to work from home it is Friday the day of the days and here’s to all of us who made it through the week of faking adulthood.

Work was smooth, had an email from a boss asking me to remove another boss from all of the meetings, surprised but not surprised. Nothing lasts and nothing is permanent, the best thing to do is not to get attached to life and what makes one happier is to not cling to things but accept every movement in life as a joy and experience.

Lost track of the time until 12:22 pm working and realized the Jamath for Jumma Friday prayer was at 12:30, I still did not rush, jumped into the shower, the water was warm, showered did the Friday Wazoo Ghasool (ablution) wore thick because it is cold and went to offer the Friday prayer at the Mosque on the Wandsworth road, one or the other family member would definitely ask later, did you go and pray on Friday and I won’t hesitate to say yes I did!

It gets crowded in there on Fridays so they put the tents outside the building on the veranda, I got the space in the tent, offered 2 x Rakaths of Salah to Jumma, and 4 x Rakaths of Sunnath, and left for home.. Carried some change in my pocket to drop it the donations box in the mosque. Hadn’t eaten much for breakfast, nor felt like going down to the Laurels 1st floor kitchen, On my way out I saw a bunch sitting there. So I debated myself, should I drop that change in the donation box or should I buy food on my way home.. and my phone pay wallet is attached to Amex, and that Chicken Shop might not take Amex, there.. didn’t know what to do!

Give and it will be given back to you! Now I had to choose, and I walked past, the guy making chin-chin noises and holding the bucket by the exit, he was talking to someone at that time, and I was adamant, went to the shop, bought food, at the end, he said, they do accept Amex card, perhaps that is was I lack, to have more faith.

Got home, at brunch while watching another episode of Marco Polo, and sat back at the desk. The monthly task of Health & Safety email arrived to my inbox.. I gave a few thoughts to what to write about November.. it clicked and I wrote, “November at its best!” read the safety newsletter below. Nice Weekend! to the group, I spent time arranging the names in alphabetical order and the email went out at 16:03, I felt aww for missing the ones who must log off at 4 pm but it was okay, and was glad to have done when I saw a mate who was still there.

Brother from KSA phoned around 16:40 asking how is the day going, and did you go to pray today. I said, yes, work is going fine about the logoff, and yes I did go and pray!

I sat at the desk until 18:15 doing the ICCHP coursework, then took a 20-min nap, got up active, had a cuppa coffee, and went to the gym, by now, it is dark and cold and the bike seat was wet, had a really, really, really, really, really good workout!

Did Back workout. 4 x sets of 8 reps of Pull-ups, Lat Pulldowns, Reverse Grip Cable Rows, One Arm Dumbell Row, Incline Bench Barbell press, Shoulder presses on the machine, and Abs press… got back home in about 40 min, made a quick dinner Lamb with Spagattie..

Now sitting down to write..

Around the world today –

  • Russia still invading Ukraine

  • Israel agrees to four-hour humanitarian pauses but will fight on and would not stop fighting in Gaza despite the White House announcing a deal for humanitarian pauses on Thursday, the White House national security spokesman, said Israel had agreed to halt its offensive in northern Gaza for four hours daily to allow Palestinians to flee and facilitate aid along two corridors. The breaks, starting yesterday, could also be used for the release of hostages held by Hamas, hailing it as a significant step.

  • The pro-Palestinian march planned for Armistice Day looks set to go ahead tomorrow – with one organizer predicting it’ll draw half a million protesters.

  • Britain’s economy has slid into stagnation as official figures show the economy flatlined in the third quarter.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Was so grateful, I said 20 min nap and it was 20 min nap this evening after work.

  • So glad it rained when I left home this eve but I did not get wet with the thick jacket.

  • So grateful, have got a weekend of no plans..

    What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, bigger, thicker, more energetic, have a good workout in the morning, everything to be just fine, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed..

    Goodnight, good luck!



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