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Helping You Grow Your Faith

🌈 652 – Sat 19 Mar 23:57 2022


Woke up early.. around 6:40 AM.. mediated 15 min.. Did some pushup at home, inclines for upper chest, put my legs on the bed and hands on the floor and I did 8 x 4 sets of pushups.

then just got ready and went to Marble Arch, left home at 11: 40.. friend there around Portseaa, Hxxxx, from Iran or Iraq and Dxxxx from Srilanka, these chaps are getting a bit closer these days.. Making new friends I suppose Humans need humans and humans need connection.

People are either tied together to their family as a group, or to work, or a group of friends they keep in touch with, or to a church or religion.

Waking up to the news today Russian forces are still advancing in Ukraine. There has been no sign or Russia pulling back anything at all. Ten millionΒ people have now fled their homes following Russia’s full-scale invasion – as officials in some European countries warned they were reaching capacity to comfortably house refugees. left the county since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

I’m at home in London, imagine, waking up Saturday morning it seems some other country people are coming towards me are going to attack me.. and wants me to move from here or do something that they want me to do not that I own my own time and space.. That’s exactly how each Ukrainian must be feeling right now. Living in terror. and there are so many of them still in Ukranin fighting or in fear.


What can we do to stop this? what can I do to not make this happen? what can we all do for things like this to never happen again ever!!?

Maybe we should wipe the borders of the map and make the whole world into one country and THE EARTH.

Human You fucking fucked up Humans. You have demonstrated your intention is not peaceful.

Animals are not fighting with one another, maybe they fight for probably food or for a mate.. Watch Planet Earth on Netflix or BBC player, or David Attenborough, he’ll show you how beautiful our planet is.

“what would it take for me and for you to get an opportunity and be able to bring value to the world in our own way like the way Mr Attenborough had done with his series. something that is value to us and to the planet?”

How beautiful out planet is and what is happening with global warming and forest fires etc. comparing to last 20, 30 years, there’s been a drastic change to the planet., Yes, we have become very advanced with our technology, research etc but we’re also seeing the drawbacks of our advancements.

There is so much money with people, who wants to buy extra cars, travel, eat and spend lavishly and there is so money with people who are buying tickets to take a ride in Space. Last year they recently started Space flights, Tesla, Virgin, Amazon etc. You can pay $250,000 up to $450,000 and buy a ticket to take trip in space and to experience space.

You fucking mothers fuckers.. An entire country can be uplifted with that $450,000. I was in a little town, all that town and the surrounding towns can be completely transformed with that money.

You fucking cunts, you have money to use for a experience in space and you’re building companies, for people to spend and make more money to you.

There are still countries, cities, people human.. have no basic needs met. No clean water. no education. .there are still people on our planet who really really really needs help.

There are thousands and millions or people who really need help a bit of financial support, so they can probably do an extra course so they can improve their skills and get a bit more money to live their fucked up life as humans and you have money to spend to go visit space.

What are you helping on the planet go out there and do in space? You fucked up humans and now you’re invading another country to take over and want the people of that country to surrender to you and listen to you and do want you wants them to do ? example Ukraine.

What is wrong with you, you human?

The poverty should have been the first concern to the whole world.

There is money with motherfuckers who are hiring escorts to shit in their mouths to fulfil their fantasies but there is no money with that hardworking individual who’s working probably 20 hours a day but have nothing in his hand end of the day – THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ANYMORE!

You’re eating like pigs, you’re fucking like pigs.. You are all pigs.. No wonder God separated all pigs different and made haram.

In the name of religion, you divide yourself as a group, stop thinking your idiots and you’re won’t even have a religion..

9:30 pm, I was on my way back home, I took central line from Marble arch, got off at Tottenham court road and interchange to Northern line, going towards Oval. The central line was completely packed 9:30 Saturday evening, everyone was out drinking. partying.. I was walking at the platform at Oxford street and this guy put his leg in front of me, I looked and it was a old dear friend, Hxx, I used to work with him in the past, just like me he grew his beard over lockdown, he said, he’s meeting another friend, and they are going to Clapahm to to go to 2Brewers, it’s a pub where they do drag shows some nights and usually Friday night is big..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful to TFL London transport so grateful for it’s efficiency
  • Graetul for my parents thank you for bringing me to this fucked up planet.
  • Grateful for those who invented the internet, and made it possible for me to sit here and draft my day

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow and have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive sunday tomorrow and then the rest of the week? and all negative patterns please get deleted now!!

Good night and good luck Ukraine this is all I can do for you.