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When I started my LLC Company,ย I wanted to pay less in taxes, and invest the money I was saving to earn better returns.

And I wanted the freedom to do it from anywhere on earth.

I wanted to…

1. Keep more of my own money (lower taxes and less funny business)

2. Create a freedom lifestyle (living where I want and having option no matter what happens)

Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you.

LLCs gives your business its own legal identity. In the eyes of the law, it’s a separate “person” that can own money, property andย make agreements.

LLCs can be owned by one or more people, who are known as LLC โ€œmembers.โ€ An LLC with one owner is known as aย single-member LLCย and an LLC with more than one owner is aย multi-member LLC.

Should I Form An LLC?

Forming your business as a limited liability company (LLC) helps:

  • Protect you against lawsuits.
  • Reduce paperwork compared to corporations and other legal entity types.
  • Prevent your company from being taxed twice.
  • Make your business appear more credible to customers and creditors.

A limited liability company (LLC) is just one of several business structures. Other common examples include:

  • Corporations
  • General Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorships

For most small business owners,ย a limited liability company offers the right mix of personal asset protection and simplicity.

Unlike sole proprietorships and general partnerships, LLCs can protect your personal assets if your business is sued. Unlike corporations, LLCs are relatively easy to form and maintain and are not subject to double taxation.

If you’d like to see if you’re a good fit for usย to help you figure this stuff out,ย 

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