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“Not enough” lies we tell ourselves: I am not good looking enough I am not funny enough I don’t have enough money I don’t have enough friends I don’t have enough time I don’t have enough I am not enough You have enough capacity for anything as long as you don’t give up.” @mindset_168

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One of the things I love doing on Fridays, is kicking back, listening to some music, and just letting any stress melt away.  So, I thought I’d share a song that really struck a chord with me, when I was listening to it this afternoon 🙂

This is how it goes:

A corner office was his dream
More like a prison now it seems
Somewhere on the corporate climb
He left his warrior behind
Now he’s just a worker at a daily grind
Steals his years and numbs his mind
His strength is fading, his dreams are blind
This is not the life he had in mind

She lies awake cause he’s up all night
Staring at a screen that tells him lies
That the grass is greener on the other side
So she’s at the gym fighting off the years
To be young again and calm her fears
That she’ll never be enough for him
Just as a young man catches her eye

Now they’re trapped in their own worlds, in their own wars
With their cell phones and the closed doors
Its funny how quiet and peaceful that it seems
But they’re all alone together
In the house of their dreams

Little sister, she’s a sixteen-year-old princess
Lost somewhere between the swing set
And her brand new crush’s chariot awaits
And big brothers rooms glowing with trophies that shout his name
But he’d trade all his high school fame
For some backyard catch with his hero again…

All the best, 

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