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🌈 654 – Tue 22 Mar 23:59 2022


Woke up around 7:30. I was feeling so good. It was a bright beautiful day today 19 degrees.

Did this and that. Had breakfast, left the window open and was chilling at home until 10:30 am .. got ready and went to the gym. Pure gym Oval. Not a lot of people during the day.

Did 4 x sets of pull ups.. as warmup and then for main workout did upper Chest and bit of Arms.

4 x sets of Dumbell Bench Presses, 4 x sets of standing Cable Flyes low to high, 4 x sets of Incline bench presses, Bradford presses on the machine 4 sets, and then Dumbell Lateral Raises 4 sets of 16 kgs, then did Body weight Tricep Dips on the standing machine.. I will still feeling very good.

Vvery very good.. In fact too good to be true.. Finally 4 more sets of Abs on the machine dropsets just on my way out.. I left the gym, Sun was out.. Got home..

Ate lunch sitting watching TV.. finished eating relaxed and then sat on my desk and for some reason I had to look at the time and it was 13:20 only… I was like Aw..!!!

I’ts only 13:20.. yay I have a long day to go.. I was feeling very good.

I sat on my desk and then I was working.. rest of the afternoon. 16:20 I had a message from my friend Txxx coming in town, will be in Soho.. wanna meet?

He’s my such a dear friend I haven’t seen him so long.. so I said yes, I’ll come, I’m at home and my dick is throbbing.. He said, lol alright, 6pm I’ll in Rupert street..

I got ready and took the Northern line from Oval to Leicester square., Soho was packed, I got there around 18:07.. and walked into Yard bar on Rupertstreet and I couldn’t find my friend, I walked all around and then went upstairs and no sign.. We said we’ll meet in Rupert street but hadn’t spoken about which bar.. I realised he could have been in Rupert street bar, I walked across there and he was in there sitting there.. We got some drinks and sat down yapping. yapping… like yapping punks..

We left Rupert street bar around 20:30 and walked around Old Compton street and then went to this Vegan place to get some food. That place used to be a German place before lockdown Herman de German or something like that, now it’s been replaced with some bright coloured vegan place. I got a chicken salad and mates got a vegan burger we ate talking. The place looked new but I had been there about 6 years ago when it was German.

We walked back to Bond street station via Carnby street. The weather is so mild.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for my friend Tomi.
  • Grateful for that weird vegan food I ate today
  • Grateful for the tight sleep which is coming now.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow and have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive productive productive day tomorrow gandu?

Good night, good luck.. Ash