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BirdLove  For Every Need

🌈 653 – Mon 21 Mar 23:59 2022


Woke up 7:30. Sun was inside the window already, it was bright beautiful day. At one point during the day it was hot and I left the window open for a while but the birds were so noisy and couldn’t hear what I was doing so I had shut the door.

It’s usually always cold in England so window are always shut, never have I know so many birds exist in Central London. Bird poem.

” Singing bird sweet bird swinging.

Swinging bird, sweet birds singing..

They sit in clusters and fly like blusters..

They are cryptic and enigmatic and they are the most sacred of all living..

Their voices are divine and they beauty is impenetrable..

They are cryptic, enigmatic..

they are impenetrable and Incomprehensible

and they are most inscrutable and mysterious and unfathomable with their feathers.

9 year Hal and 7 years Kal, playing one fine Sunday summers morning and 2 birds flew in their drawing-room. Knowing nothing, Kal turned on the ceiling fan, thinking birds will just fly away.

One bird fell to the floor.. and the other flew off. Mother said they were a joint and the pair is no more., Since then every time I think of a bird, I bear the guilt of separating the birds.

I send the love to one alive and one gone.. If wised you found a pair and the one for heaven..

Light and feather, heavy no more heart..

” Singing bird sweet bird swinging.

Swinging bird, sweet birds singing.. ” {Bird poem finished}

8:40 AM, I logged in my laptop and worked rest of the day, until 12:20 my mate was in the area, had messaged, couple days, Potugues, biker comes from Brixon, popped in and we hung for a little bit and 13:40 I booked swim at the Vauxhall Leisure centre.

I got there around 14:00.. and if you’re 15 min late, the access pass code from the mobile app does not work, so I had to go to the concierge guy and he’s always happy to see me and he let me in and I went swimming for next probably 40 min, did around 18 Affirmations and the goal was 30 affirmations finishing running the lanes, and I was a the border and I looked up and the pool attended boy said, we’re closing for the classes now..

I said, okay, I need to get out, had a quick shower and got home and I found my self eating lunch / brunch after swim 16:12 PM.. I was feeling so good..

Ate finishing by 17:00 and from 17:00 to 18:05 I was at my desk again, working on the Python.

18:15 quickly ran to Cycle class at the Pure gym oval. 30 min class… So good it was. so strong.. finished the class at 18:45 quickly ran to Abs class.. The trainer guy is so hot.. I saw my mate Tom at the Abs class, we used to work at the bar in the Uni days.. Txx has long hair and beard like me after the lockdown, unlike most other males of this generation.

19:30 got home, made dinner.. tala hua chicken, rice, Tamata daal, and sat down eating ghum ghum..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for food. For eating a bird chicken and rice for dinner.. I’m so sorry bird, you’ve been farmed to be fed by humans and most of us have been bought up like this. I felt no guilt but appreciation and affection for birds.
  • Grateful for gym being close to home, I could run so quickly and still be on time today for the class
  • Grateful for the sleep which is coming now and I have comfy bed waiting to fall a sleep.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and finish the Python software course started tomorrow and have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get deleted now.. Across all time dimension space and reality ..

Good night, good luck


I wish I have some bird pix to share but no access to any sitting birds to me in London atm bye.. xx