Building the Future

Let’s imagine this scenario for a second…

It’s hot. 95 degrees F outside.

You’ve been out the whole day and didn’t have a drop of water with you.

A friend comes by and offers you one of three drinks: a bottle of water, Coca-Cola, or Mountain Dew.

Which one will you take?

Most likely water, right?

K, moving on. Same situation, but this time, your friend offers you only two choices – Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew.

You take either one… Ha! 

Now, final situation. Your friend comes by, and the only thing he has is a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Will you take it?

Chances are, you will. You’re dying of thirst on a hot day.

You don’t care it’s not water. 

You just need something to cool you down and soothe your thirst.

So what’s the point?

The point is – you don’t care about the specific solution to a problem, as long as it’s a solution.

Let’s go back to our story. Yes, water would be the best solution. But still, Coca-Cola is A solution that was acceptable considering the circumstances.

This is why, when you’re picking a product to sell on Internet, you should focus less on if it’s “water” or “coca-cola”… And focus more on finding a group of “thirsty” people who NEED a solution.

In business, our main activity is marketing.

And what you should always keep in mind is that marketing is about the CUSTOMER… not the product.

Remember that and you won’t have a hard time finding success – no matter what you’re selling. 


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