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🌈 657 – Sat 26 Mar 23:56 2022


Ohm!!!!……….. I was thinking of Ohm from childhood. Om or Ohm or πŸ•‰οΈ is the sound of a sacred spiritual symbol inΒ many South Indian Religions. Hindu, Sanskrit, Buddha, Jain all these religions believe in this word or a sound or sacred formula to control your mind.

Mostly and usually used in Ancient Indian meditations. It’s basically the vibration that you as a body makes when you say the word, like a Tuning Fork. Europe generally / usually like the TV, the media and their daily TV serials are kinda based on drama like Kings and Queens, fighting and concurring type of things.. in the same way, in South East Asia and around South India, usually when I was growing up and in the past it their daily serials are usually based on Poets and Saints, and people going into the forest to do Vanavas (live in the forest for certain time period like 7 or 14 years) and sitting at one place and chanting Om syllable.

The man would sit in one place and say, Om .. Om .. Om.. and it goes on for days and years and then the nature will take over around him, the Tress, Plants all grow, sometimes, Ants or Snakes comes and build their houses around them and they are still chatting the word.. Finally, they get the Moksha. The place where they get the consciousness. Usually in Hindu tradition, a God appears and grants a wish. People would ask to either become conscious like themselves or for Humanly things like Kingdoms and wife’s kids etc..

Don’t waste time being mighty and powerful. If you want to succeed, the only power that matters is your brainpower. And it’s entirely in your control.

7:30 AM.. woke up early.. was bight and beautiful day. Sun was out. I looked at the Pure Gym App and there was a Body Pump class for 10:30, I did not book it until 10:05 AM. there were still 2 places left.

I left home at 10:30 quickly ran to the gym but the class was completely packed, usually, it’s empty. and I also had booked the class so I should have a spot. Because it’s the weekend, a lot of people who were at the gym must have just jumped in the class. For people who wants to start the gym, and find no motivation, it’s best to start with the Free Classes the gyms do. Do not hold back and Do not feel shy to shame. Men, don’t think only Women does it. Men also go to the class. It’s a great feeling, standing behind someone and letting them make you do all the exercise…

I didn’t get the space yesterday so I went to the Pull-up bars and I did 8 x 4 = 32 Pull-ups.

Got home, around 10:50… Got ready and left for Marble Arch to see some friends. I took the Tube from Oval Northeren line to Tottenham court road, I offed my seat to a Kid and him mother was standing next to him and then from Tottenham Court road central line to Marble Arch, I got in a cart and by the door this beautiful beautiful looking youngish couple was there, I had to stand next to them, then the train started moving and we all moved and we 3 stood like we were all friends in a circle. She sat by the door, not on the seat but by the door there is usually a place where you can land your bum, she was landing on it and he was leaning over her, and I was in front of them, and they were both leaning over me towards the door which I was standing left and she was on the right. The train stopped over Oxford street and I said in my head, guys are we getting off here? and I heard the noise saying, no not this one and I crossed my legs and the guy shifted around moving his legs too, pulling more into the circle. In body language when someone shifts when you do, they are surrounding you subconsciously. Same way, if you want to see if someone’s looking at you, you have Yawn and see if they yawn too.

At Oxford Street, seat became available but I didn’t take it, another couple with 2 very young kids got in, I was glad, I didn’t take the seat. The kids were probably under 3 years old, the boy sat on his fathers lap and little girl by her mother opposite site. At one point the little kid started picking his nose.. I thought that was the cutest thing that I have ever seen. He’s hand was so tiny and his nose was so tiny and I smiled at once.

I was like.. lol what do you do, when you see a kid picking his nose, you smile right.. lol I saw his dad smile see me smile. and the kid stoped doing it as he saw a lot to people were looking it him.

I got off at Marble Arch at met a few friends there, during the day, if you find people who are rude to you, or say something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you don’t need to get to there level and start fighting with them.

You cannot win by loosing.

You can politely say Please Be Respectful. Trust me, it will ring in their ears for the rest of their lives. And try not getting any when they say some hurtful things. Easier said then done but this is what the mindfulness means, you goal is not to let anyone external things effect your inner state of being, like mind and anger. Of course there is no control when it comes to Penis. As it has it’s own mind. But the most you can air for is to have a control over the mind.

I got home around 21:30.. It was a warm day so the streets were packed. and Sat eve so everyone’s out. My mate Ixxxx rung asking where was I and if I was in Soho, he’s drunk and need to take to a friend. I said, I’d need a bit more planning than this my friend I’m afraid. He was like, I’m sorry I even phoned.. lol

Another old works friend, Hxx messaged saying hes’ at the 2 Brewers in Clapham, come! I didn’t reply.

A man is a man, a man when all his mates went for drinks after work,

A man is a man went home to his desk, back to the work.

A man is a man, when his best mate travelled and backpacked and seen the life of the world,

A man is a man, looked at the pix on his desk.

Let’s not sugarcoat, There’s no shortcut to great success. Behind every overnight success you’ll find, anguish, pain, ups and downs, failures. But there’s something magical about these struggles. They make you come alive.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for parents,
  • Grateful for drinking water.
  • So grateful for internet.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, and richer tomorrow and have a productive yet relaxing day and then all the week.. and all negative patterns created this week, please get deleted !

Good night, good luck, sleeping.. sleepep.z;z.z. zz.z .. Ash