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Grind now, shine later.

🌈 719 – Fri Jul 23:45 2022


Woke up early. Today is Friday feeling very good. Got ready and went to Run. Ran from Oval station to Vauxhall bridge, then Lambeth bridge and Westminster bridge and turned around by the Covid Memorial wall. The Sun was already out and it such a mild day.

People were starting to walk to work, still early and I ran. Ran and ran full of enery feeling good.

Came home, had a shower and offered 2 Rakaths of Farz Salah and sat at my desk eating breakfast. Ate some Oats, Milk, Almonds and Banana.

10 AM work huddle meeting went well. I was chairing. Went well. Internet had been playing up a bit today the entire day working so things were moving slow. Lunch time, booked a class at the Body pump at the pure gym, 12:45 to 13:30 the class was. Ran upto the gym at 12:30 and made it on time to the class. Went well. Full body quick workout. 13:40 came hoe home had a 2nd shower and offerd 4 Rakaths of Friday Zohr Salah.. still feeling good.

Happy is the new rich 😄

Ate Rice, lentils, Beef Kabab cooked with Tomatos for lunch and sat back at the desk at 14:17.. The rest of the work afternoon flew like this.. I realised it was 16:10 when I was able to log off work including daily typings of the Affirmations.

16:16 exactly I messaged brother asking what he was upto it must be his day of at KSA he said, they are all getting ready to go to Istamath. I said ok, nice, I was going to ring Dad now, is he there? he said yes, but I will ring you shortly from the car we will all be there and could speak on the speaker we will be heading out shortly.

19:20 something I went to Tesco the supermarket, about 12 min walk from home, on the right side the Cricket match was on in the Oval Cricket ground, the roads were busy with the crowds, I walked upto Kennington Lane Tesco and bought a bunch of food and I got home eating Fig rolls and sat at my desk with a glass of soya milk as I got home..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for that strange energy that wakes us up each morning, reminding what was happening yesterday and the day to continue.
  • Grateful for who ever is this me who’s inside this body, sitting looking with these eyes and being here alive at this time and eating these fig rolls.
  • So grateful for the invesion of the paper.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, bigger and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet another day / productive Saturday tomorrow and all negative patterns. Good night, goodluck.. Ash