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If you are feeling burnout, you are not doing the right things.

🌈 718 – Thu 30 Jun 23:50 2022


Woke up early. I was feeling good. There was already a few texts on the family WhatsApp group. Nephew got his 10 class broad exams results. 10 GPA. 10 out of 10. Congratulations to little Dan. Not little no more but I cannot see him any different. Dad’s congratulations messages are non-stop and the rest of the families too. Parents’ return ticket is also booked from KSA to Ind this coming 22 July. They are happy going back home.

Logged in work sharp before 8 AM. Thursday’s work. Checked emails and did some work that needs to be done and then got ready and got to the gym nice and early too.

I did the upper body, Back Workouts.

Don’t compare.

Run your race against yourself at your own pace.

Started with 4 x sets of 8 reps pull-ups on the bar, then 4 x sets of Reverse grips Lat pull-downs, then 4 x sets of T-Bar Rows, then 4 x sets of Alternating Dumbell curls on the incline bench, then 4 x sets of Shoulders on the Machine..

09:08 I still had one more workout left I got a call sister from back home, Nephew wants to talk to you, and his exam results arrived. This is love! Even though I did not ring him yet, he’s ringing me to say he’s passed the exams by the grace of God and all of your people’s love. I thought it was sweet. Or rather sweet of my sis making him ring his elders.

I rushed back home from the gym as I got the call first talking to Deedi and then Jiju and then Dan.. I got home and sat back at the desk working the rest of the morning. Went well.

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Doing Self

YouΒ Disappear if you have to. Focus on you.

At 13:00 broke for lunch, just stayed at home, did this and that for an hour and sat back at the desk at 14:00 for the afternoon’s work. 16:30 took a nap after logging off.

17:30 went to Body pump class at the gym, 17:30 to 18:15 Body pump, 18:15 to 18:45 Legs, Bum and Tum and 18:45 to 19:30 Cardio with Africa music with a group.. My God so many workouts. The goal is to rest and recover and get a lot of writing done over the weekend.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For this new net curtain, I have in my bedroom.
  • Grateful for the weekend coming ahead is pride.
  • Grateful for living in probably the safest and most open places that existed on the planet.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive Sunday and then the weekend to look forward and all negative patterns please get erased now! Good night, Goodluck, Ash