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 New blessing are coming your way 🙌🏻😇

  🌈  713 – Fri 24 June 23:19 2022


Woke up early, mediated for 15 min, logged in to work early and then went to the gym from 8:20 to 9:27 was back at the desk. 10:00 AM huddle went great. Today’s Friday so I said, Happy Friday guys.. Had a shower and then offered Fajr Namaz.

Worked till 12:30 straight and then at 13:15 I found myself still at my desk, what to do during the lunch break., took a 15 min nap and then got up and got ready it was around 13:30 I found drizzling outside, wouldn’t have stopped me then I looked outside the window looking for a sign to see if anyone’s running? I found none when I looked so there was no sign of a sign.

I looked at the time and it said 13:40.. Ah, I’m still deciding what to do for lunch and 40 min passed.. Oh, goD!

I was sitting on the sofa and thinking and in front, there is this extra chair that I just left it by the tv under it I saw some dust and I tried to observe there was more dust and some hair and I said, I don’t even have that big hair, where did that come from?

I stood up and started hoover the flat and then when I finished I felt like jumping in shower and to offer Friday’s Namaz. I love the Swizz Arabian Oud brother gave me from KSA. I had it one when I offered Friday Salah. The fragrance made me now feel that the plan has changed and had all been guided.

Sat back at the desk at 14:30 and worked till 5 pm straight again.. Logged off Friday work sharp all done. There was one email that came after and I said to them, I’ll do it on Monday and they said yes.

17:30 I tried to take a nap but the sleep didn’t come but my mind just wandered here and there and the alarm went off after 12 min first and then 15 min after again. I got up and then I was wondering what I should do now? Too early to eat, and too early to sit back at the desk, I looked outside and the weather looked great so I got the black shorts and a bright white sweat t-shirt I wore them and went running if felt challenging to run today.. Ran across Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge and Westminster bridge.

Got home and an English mate who lives nearby around Walworth road, and works for the home office had texted earlier, he was coming around in the area and he dropped in around 19:08, and we sat down chatting, we spoke and he said he got a new job and I said, really? ditto and we spoke about it for a bit and he left happy±

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful for almost feeling comfortable most of the day
  • Grateful for the anticipation and looking forward to something to come
  • So grateful for the sleep which is coming nowwww!!! .

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and then have a relaxing yet productive Saturday tomorrow filled with laughter, joy, comfort and also some ***** too.

Night, sleep is taking over, going in peace Goodnight and Goodluck Ash!