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Friday Office Party

Sept 30 @5pm 

🌈 712 – Thu 23 Jun 23:55 2022


Woke up early. Thursday is the day I look forward to, Thursday is the day I look forward to because the next day is Friday and the Friday is the day that most look forward to.

As soon as I got up, I asked myself is if Friday yet no it was Thursday, I was glad it was not Tuesday. Looked at the Pure gym app to see if there are any classes available today that I can attend, and I found Bodypump class from 7:45 to 8 am, I booked the class and got ready and left home before work.

Bodypump focus on the entire body and is a fast-paced workout either with weights or can be just with body weight but techniques and scientifically proven moves are specifically designed to help you get lean, fit and toned. You will achieve targets more quickly and you will also have people around you working as a group.

Logged in to work sharp at 8:00 AM.. had a shower as I got from the gym, logged in to work and then offered 2 Rakaths of Fajr Salah.. Sat at the desk, work was all right, have been redacting and a few actions.

Today was another strike on the national rail and travel chaos everywhere in UK, glad I don’t have to travel and work from home and do not want to look at the news anymore.

There is also news about the Teacher’s strike coming soon, and the Airport staff are already striking and all these strikes regarding pay.

Care workers, social workers, all the people who work in public sectors have pay bands band A, band B, C etc.. and in an organisation, if a Band B has a limit on pay, no matter how many years an employee works and how hard they work once it reaches the band limit the pay remains the same.

When these hard-working Teachers, Rail staff, Airport staff, and all the care workers are directly involved with people service users, has only limited pay under these bands. Whereas the banks, financial institutions, all the first-class education receivers who do not even ever appear be in public but sits behind the desks has a year-end bonus and 10 times more pay compared to the rest of the other workers including the ones who have to attend the patients directly.

13:00 sharp, I broke for lunch. Went to the Supermarket Tesco the renovated big one at Kennington Road, I think there was a match going on at Oval Cricket ground, the Oval area was so busy while I walked and there were lines in front of the ground. Lot of people at the Supermarket, 6 x Chicken breast in a box, before Covid was £4.40 something, now the same box is £5.80.. For years my supermarket trolley had that box of chicken that would last me a few days, with rising inflation, I had to switch eating this chicken which the date is gonna go off in a couple of days tbh, I decided to go for the Can’s of Tuna probably a better choice for now but I do miss chicken and it’s the source of protein.

Got home, bought a sandwich for lunch from the Tesco’s the pulled Beef, Horseradish sauce with lettuce, a bag of salt and vinegar chips and a bottle of orange juice, sat back at the desk and ate reading something. The rest of the work afternoon went well.

Logged off at 4:30 pm. and took a 20 min nap. I was feeling so good when I was going to nap. So happy I found a few min to nap.. Woke up mother had messaged earlier, whom the day was going and what was I up to, I said work’s just finished, just doing errands and I asked about a brother and she said, must be still at work, hasn’t come home yet he’s been for lunch though, I txted brother where he was and he said, he’s just leaving work.

17:45 a mate who lives at Kennington, works for civil services had messaged saying if I was home and he was gonna come around, I said yes fine. he popped in for an hour we were chin wagging about Ukraine and Russia and the weather being so good this week, perhaps it will stay up to the Pride weekend which is on 2nd of the July, something to look forward.

19:30 ate again Steak, Potatos, Rice, greens and lentils and yogurt.

3 thing I felt grateful for today

  • For being able to draft my day to be able to look back one day.
  • Don’t know about tomorrow but grateful for not being any conflicts with others or with myself right now.
  • So Grateful for that energy that is going to wake me and wake you up tomorrow morning!

The great sleep is taking over me now!

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, leaner and richer tomorrow and all negative patterns in mind effecting the easy existance on the planet please get deleted now to a new beginning! Goodnight and good luck darlings. Ash