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What’s your plan for Sunday? Sit and write ✍️ 

Β  🌈  711 – Wed 22 Jun 23:07 2022


Woke up early, was feeling good. I needed a shower before I offer Farj namaz, so I needed to get hot first do I decided to go to gym in the morning soon as i got up. Ate some chickpeas soaked in the water, then got ready and just wore a shorts and tshirt, a hand kerchief got there sharp around 6:40 AM of course darlings..

The weather was as was soo good. It was hot last night but not it’s good. It’s Wednesday and not a lot of people there. I did Legs today. Leg workout..

First I started with warmups pull ups on the bar, 4 x sets of 8 reps of Pullups and moved straight onto Legs, 4 x sets of Barbell Frong Squat, 4 x sets of Still Leg Barbell Deadlifts, 4 x sets of Leg Press, 4 x set of Calf Raises.. then 4 sets of Dips on the machine and 4 x sets of Shoulder Press on the machine drop set and then some Abs on my way out..

I had a really really really really really really really good workout!!

I did not anticipate but probably God guided me.. I guess.

Got home, I had to log at work to finish something so logged in at 07:47.. was feeling good. Had to do some work, by then I was not hot anymore and did not shower yet to offer the Fajr Namaz,

Work went smooth. Did a CTA, and some redactions.. went smooth..

Eatern Almonds, milk, more chickpeas, 2 x cans of Tuna, a Pepper and some mother given Samiya also so far..

Sat at my desk until 13:15 and work work work.. and then took a lunch break and I was feeling good. Now I need to also offer Zohr Namaz.

13:33 I got ready and went for run. Ran from Oval Tube station to Vauxhall bridge then turned around on Lambeth Bridge via Royal Embankment pier got back home 14:14 logged back at work again..

Ate some meat, lentils, rice and eggs .. Fajr and Zohar both missed because of a wxxk I had last night before bed.. Afternoon work was on, so I stayed at the desk and worked until 17:30 pm, sent an email and then took a 15 min nap and was gonna about to cook the dinner and i happened to look at the time and it said, 18:07..

I wondered what the significince was, why have I been pulled to this time, why did I look at the time now? What was I thinking? You Time, why did you come in contact with me now?

Earlier, when I looked at the Pure gyms app there was a 18:15 to 19:00 a 45 min Bike Class with this Irish Trainer, was scheduled, the Time came in my contact to remind me of the Time it is Time to go to the class the I was looking at and it is being presented to me.. and I said YES!!!!

I’m unstoppable and I’ll do whatever it takes.. I said, and what if there is no bike left there was already one on the waiting list, I said, I don’t know how but I’m sure I will find a bike in there.

got ready and I left 18:11,.. Ran, from home and got to the class and it was just started and there it is.. One bike right in the centre like a spot light, perfectly ajdusted to my measurements and height etc. exactly waiting for me.. and I took it.. Yay! The bike class went well too. so that makes I had 3 workouts today but still have offered no Salah yet.

Got home 19:10.. Started making some egg fried rice and while being cooked, I jumped in shower it was cooking and I offered 4 Rakaths of Asar Namaz, then 4 Rakaths of Zohr namaz and then offered 2 Rakaths of Fajr Namaz.. I was all caught up! thank you! Thank you!.

Then I finially ate, watching TV.. It was good.. It’s so hottt in london right now it was sweating like anything while eating hot food, the window was open but still the hot makes humans horny.. lol

3 things I feel grateful for today

  • For the resources available for us around us to have a easier life that most people still dream of.
  • Graeful for not being into any conflicts.
  • Grateaful for waking up today with one more opportunity to do or learn something..

What would it take for me and for you to sleep so well and then wake up 10 x times stronger, happier and richer and then have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet a productive day and then a week henceforth and all negative patterns please leave us now!

Night, good luck Ash.