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One day or day one, you decide

 709 – Mon 20 Jun 23:12 2022


Sitting on my bed and reading about the House of Commons. I have dates I can eat them now, I fancy something sweet, I wish I had gotten some cake or something on my way back home from Paddington when I left home today.

Woke up early so early, 5:45 and then 6:15 I was up from the bed. 8:35 I got to work, got ready and wore a brother’s gift red shirt and Black jeans and carried my laptop, mouse and 2 pens in my bag and walked to work. It was a very very very very very pleasant day in London today my walk to work felt like walking special on the planet, the Sun was bright and it was not cold and not too hot.

I just needed to go to print, sign and email back the new contract, met a few friends and got home back to my desk around 9:30 AM.

The rest of the morning work day went smooth. CTA, Redactions. Monday morning..

13:00 got off for lunch did not leave home until 13:33 but got there sharp at the gym, there were not a lot of people and had a really really really really really good workout that I did not anticipate.

First 4 x Sets / 8 x Reps of Pullups on the bars. then 4 x sets of Incline Dumbell Bench press, Standing cable flyes high to low, Guillotine Dumbell bench press, then 4 sets of Shoulder press on the machine and then finally 4 sets of Abs on the machine on my way out..

Got back home and logged back to work at 14:07 pm.. I was feeling super good. 14:30 Huddle meeting went well. The rest of the afternoon went smooth. 16:30 logged off work and then got ready and went out.

Went to Paddington, took the Northern line to Elephant and castle, from there Bakerloo line to Paddington, I got in the cart there was a cute couple sitting with their books and talking, and it happened I got space right in front of them, there was nobody next to me right and left, they were only there and so was I with a book too and we all competed with each other who will be distracted first taking the eyes from the book, I was reading Nepolean Hills, Think and Grow rich classic. He was restless was moving, checking his phone this and that but she was at it and was I and she stared at her page all the way from Elephant and Castle up to Paddington where I got off and they were still there.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for the sleep which is coming now.
  • For parents
  • For photography invention

What would it take for tomorrow to be a special day? and wake up 10 x times stronger, happier richer and have a relaxing yet easy positive and productive day and then followed by the week and then the month year till eternity.. Night, for now, my sweet sweet sweet bed awaits.. good night, good luck. Ash