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703 - Mon 13 Jun 23:56 2022London Woke up at 6:30 I was feeling good. Had some time so sat down and mediated 20 min. Then logged on work sharp at 8 AM.. said GM on the group and then got ready and went for a run. Ran from Oval tube to Vauxhall bridge over Lambeth bridge, then Westminster bridge. Sun was out bright and light and all people were walking to work, was a great view. I took the stairs on the Westminster bridge by the Covid memorial wall to get down ran back, and via the royal embankment got home had a shower, offered Fajr Namaz, 2 Rakaths, and then 4 Rakaths of yesterday Asar, then 4 Rakaths Magrib and then 4 Rakaths of Ishan they are caught up now. Decided to fast today so did not eat breakfast, sat at my desk and worked until 9:30 and then 9:50 I was still looking at the time. 10:09 I phoned companies house to help me retain the ultimate life source name call went to until 10:30. 10:38 I joined the call with a verification check from the new employer, it went well and then she gave me good news, that I can give notice at my current place. "What would it take for everyone who's looking for a change to happen their change so smoothly and effectively you shouldn't even feel anything and everything to be just fine.. and instead of this happening, all other negative patterns and future events please get deleted! Queen's Birthday public holiday in Australia today11:22 was speaking to mother and I told her about the news and then spoke to dad, she passed the phone, and we spoke until close to 12 pm.. Brother was due to come home and I told dad I want to speak to him and I messaged brother ask me to ring and dad was reminding and he was checking the phone and he phoned.. Hello Bhaia, Assalam alaikum..What would it take for everyone to experience the same vibrational energy as I do now?The moon is in the window now, I'm eating dates brought from KSA, they are dissolving in my as soon as I put them, so tasty. Allaha Humma Lakalhamd Walkashukr.. 13:15 got ready and left home and went into work, to talk to some friends, and got back home to the desk at 14:16 and 14:30 was the huddle call, Monday call went well. 16:10 Logged off work.. and took a nap for 30 min then stayed in bed until 16:45 then got ready and left home, took an Evening Standard newspaper and sat by the Oval church reading paper and waiting for Nxxxx go driving. he was a few min late and drove around until 19:00 got home and then did this and that for some time, At 19:30 I tried to take a nap but the sleep didn't come. Stayed in bed until 20:50 and 20:59 on my laptop, I was still there then got off to make dinner at 21:09 .. 21:20 Iftar time / Magrib time, put the things on the stove, and then broke my fast.. ate Orange and Banana and a glass of soya milk, then offered 3 Rakaths Magrib, and I need to catch up with the Asar so offered 4 Rakths Asar and the ate dinner.. Meat, lentils and rice cooked in cumin and zeera. Now sitting, 3 things I feel grateful for today Grateful for the opportunity I have received today in the form of work. Grateful for this huge big moon in my window staring and looking so beautiful Grateful for the sleep which is coming. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, and bigger tomorrow and then have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive Tuesday day tomorrow? and all negative patterns, please get deleted now! Night! Ash

Ishan’s time was at 01:00 and Fajr’s at 01:03.. both Azan’s happened now in a matter of minutes.. the nature call awaits.