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🌈 680 – Sat 14 May 23:57 2022


Woke up early, when Fajr Azan was going on.. did not feel like getting of the bed, slept on the new matress, slept in the same room as parents want to sleep in the same room with me, they are not sleeping in their room, Dad is spending so much of time in here, parents haven’t seen me for 4 years even before the Covid so they’re making up the time.


It’s really really really hot in Riyadh 35 Degree C”. There is AC in everyroom but I feel my palms sweat now while I type. I have to pause, use a tissue to wipe and type back again.. we had our breakfast, after along time.. Puri and Chicken shorwa, Puri is traditional South Indian dish and Chicken Shorwa is an old Arab Mughal recipe. Puri is made of Wheat flower made as a wrap and fried in Oil ate with Onions and Potato curry and Peanuts Chutney. Chicken Shorwa is cooked with Chicken, yogurt, ginger and garlic, Onions.. yum!

We rested for a bit and it was already the time for Zuhr namaz, we went to offer Zohar Namaz at a mosque in the corner street.. Got back, the lunch was already waiting.. Lunch was made of Bagara khana and the same Chicken Shorwa.. Again Bagara khana is Fried Rice made with Cumin and Mustard seeds.. yum!

Around 1:45 we all go ready and left home to go to the hospital where bother had insurance from his work, waiting to confirm Sis in Laws pregnancy.. all family is so happy happy and happy.. Let’s write a happy poem..

Happy Poems..

“Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy.

For some, it comes easy and for some, it comes with a cost.

For some, it seems absurd and for some, it had no difference..

Happy Happy and Happy is the way to go.. When all you have is happy to go.

For some, it comes with fame and for some, it comes with a name

For some, it seems like money and for some, it is a moment spent with a loved one.

Happy Happy and Happy is the way to go. When all your done is happy to go.

Through money and fame, through health and religion

Through wealth and vain, through relation or an embrace of a lover..

Happy Happy and Happy is the way to go. When all you don’t see is the moment in you to be happy is to see happy! Happy and Happy.. “

If it is worth it, Fight for it

Spend a lot of time with family, or friend, or relations that matter to you most. Check yourself are you laughing with the poeple you are sitting with, or are you feeling angry frustrated or feeling unhappy. Chose you relations and company wisely. Is your energy being sucked or are you made to feel enriched and motivated?

It’s not money or weatlh or even the fame will come with you when you go, all that will come is how you spend your life that will define how happy you’d be in your last moment.  



3 things I felt grateful for today

  • So grateful for the opportunity to spend a lot of time with parents.
  • So grateful for the weather being so warm and beautiful
  • Grateful for eating all home food I ate all this week.


What would it take for me and for to understand, realise and value the true meaning of life and live up to it and all negative patterns opposing the existence and true transition from the earth. please get deleted… Sleep is coming.. Good night! Ash