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🌈 454 – Wed 05 May 23:45 2021


🌈 455 – Thu 06 May 23:57 2021


Woke up 7:30.. Sun wan inside the window, so beautiful. I was feeling good.. emotions were good. Logged in work sharp at 8.. showered did Fajr Namaz and attended 10 am huddle. was good.!

My flatmate was moving out today so he started doing noises. 13:00 pm sharp I got ready to go for a walk at lunchtime but it started raining so didn’t go instead took a nap for 30 min listening to some guided mediation.. woke up did Zohar namaz.

Cloudy and grey outside today .. work finished at 4 pm but still stayed and worked till until 19:00 pm

then took a nap an hour until 20:15 sharp with alarm.. arranged Iftar dates, apple, banana, almonds, soaked brown chickpeas and did iftar at 20:35 alarm.. was good.

24th day of the fast gone well. felt a little hungry at lunchtime but it wa so. I hope my mother is ok.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for being able to fast.
  • for having food to sort for fasting.
  • To God for teaching us the importance of the food by ordering fast..