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Wed 07 Oct 23:51 2020


01:06.. Woke up pretty early.. work was good.. went to the gym at lunch break.. did shoulders, back, and biceps.. ate well today.. logged off around 4:30 pm. Dad had messaged in the group.. kiddos, I’m free for 15 min if anyone wants to talk. I phoned him quickly.. we had about 8 min catch up.. was good and we’re grateful.. 

Met a mate Rxx (French) at Picadilly Circus around 8 pm.. the weather was so beautiful, not so cold today..

Went to a Japanese restaurant, “Misato” Picadilly Circus, ate “Beed Udon Noodle soup seasoned beef..” was a huge meal.. was full., was only about £20 something.. had some sushi too.. we were catching up about the lockdown and the world and our flats and flatmates.. 

My mate asked me to try his jacket on while we were in the restaurant, he said it would suit me, I was gonna say it looks a bit like sherlock homes but I kept quiet, he said try it on and I put it on it looked really nice.. we said bye to the Japanese people and in there and left and It was raining like crazy outside already or we would have hung out. 

My mate had a little brolley in his bag so we walked up to Picadilly station and bid farewell. 9:58 I was home at Vauxhall. “so grateful for London underground”

We were talking about many things and these are some of the great books, a list of books that can polish you in a gem, otherwise can actually transcend you.. so read the list of the books below. Let me know your impact for sure yeah? do write!! 

3 things I’m grateful for today 

– for my work 

– for parents. 

– for internet., parents had been visiting our home town and the internet is really really helpful.

1 wish of the day – “What would it take for me and for you to have access to nice and delicious food around us at all times throughout this lifetime.. all the time.. 

Night, I have to go to bed. Read the books below or listen to on Audiobooks.. 

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Books ( this is only my rough draft of the list of the books – google the keywords) 

Radical acceptance (done)




The untethered soul – Michael sinner (done)

Sam harris – waking up (done)

Tools for titans ✅

22 emitubale laws of marketing (done)

1000 true fans by keven kelly

How to get anything you want by Derek sivers ✅

The lean start ups ✅

What you do is who you are – Ben Horowitz

Ben Goldacre – bad science book

How to lie with statistics –

Ghenghes khan and the making of the modern world

Peoples history of United States by hawords inn

Letters from a Astro physicists – Neil Tyson

Neil postman – technopholy

Amusing ourselves to death – Neil postman

Finate in infinite game – James Carse

Daniel smatinburger – future thinkers episodes

Think like a CEO (done)

Getting to Yes

Who move my cheese

In praise of shadows – Japan

Thinking fast and slow – Daniael kahneman

scientist in the crib

Art of learning by josh waitzkin chess

Think twice

Movable feast

The talent code – David Epstein

Write drunk, edit sober – Ernest Hemingway

Biography if Ben Franklin

Titan life of jondy rockerfella

The war of arts – Steven pressfield

Mastery – Robert green

Rayan holiday – the stoic book

Sarah bakewell – how to live

The fish that ate the whale

Edison biography – Matthew joseson

Ulyssesses esgrand Triamph Over adversity

Levels of the game – John mcfees

Think like a freak

Blue ocean strategy

Business model generation

How to sell you with out selling you – Mark eckles

The 7 up series the documentaries – mike Acted

Think like a freak

What makes sammy run

Painted bird by jersey gazalski

Molan condera – life is elsewhere

Show gun


Kite runner – collade hassini

Anti fragile – nasim tulabs

1000 splendid sons

Green rules – John nadina

Power of NO

Denis Johnson – Jesus son

Dying every day – seneca

Category of one : joe Calloway

Tipping point


Creativity inc – Edwin catmull

One monster after another – mercer myre

Hardcore history – rath of the con

The black swan

Fool by randomness

Anti Fragile

Jesus’s son – Deniis Johnson

Lying – Sam Harris

Waking up – Sam Harris

Cat’s cradle – Kurt Vonnegut

What technology wants

Daniele pink – the adventures of Johnny bunko

Cal Newport – so good they can’t ignore you

Shantaram bloop

Man on wire – movie

King of khan – movie

State of mind – movie documentaries

Edward thorp – beat the dealer

The crowd – French man gustao lubao

Mr Market

Low Einstein – making of America warren buffet

Money game – Adam smith

The crowd by Lebon

Everything store – Jeff besos Amazon

Good to great – Jim Collins

Venture hacks –

Robert collier – letter book

Mindless eating book about food and psychology

Age of propaganda and social animal books – prot connies


Zero dreams of sushi documentary

Never eat alone – keith farazi

Biography of vio ayacoca

What they don’t teach you at harward business school – mark meccormich

Spirit of saint Lewis by lyn burg

Man who sold the Moon – Robert hyline

Ray cursewall – book Singularity

As a man thinketh – James Alan

Man search for meaning – victor frankle

Forth turning –

Generations –

Atlas strug – ian rand

Brain rules – prof madina

Stranger in strange land – hyanline

Open – auto biography

David swansan – money book

Annual letters of Warren Buffett

Money master the game – Tony Robins

Seneca – shortness of life

WAgabonding book – Rolfe Potts (done)

How to write non fiction – Andy rand

Angela marg – bird by bird

Walt witmans – leave met of breath

Harolds blooms book – western canon

The cosmic game

The Cosmic game – Stan gough / graph

Tennis partner – Abraham gruhokzhi

How to measure anything

How not to be wrong – Jordan ellenberg

Don’t make me think –

Getting to yes

Getting past no

Secrets of para negotiation

Zero to 1 – Peter teal ( business)

Style stocking – refinery 29

Alex day – underground story teller

Epicureans and stoicism


Magic of thinking big – David snoitz

Psychology of persuasion – Influnce – (book) Robert chialdini

If this is a man by primo lavi and

Truce – David

Mistakes were made not by me – carol trvris

Sherley you are joking mr fine man – Elliot Ailonson

Dan Harris – blanking on me – 10 percent happier

Spectacle by David Rockwell and Bruce mau

Touching the rock by David halt

Field guide to birds of North America by National Geographic

Hemingway stories

Shackleton stories

Letters of stoack by Seneca

Bhagavath Geetha penguins classic edition

Art of happiness by epicurious

The new testiment of translation by David bently hurd

Mediations by Marcus arelinious

Readings in Classical Chinese phylosophy by Phillip J ivenho

Buddha by Karen Armstrong

Psych – dr judd biasiotto

Winston Churchill – borris Johnson

Free the jews or chills – Milton freedman

California – by Kevin star

Book of revelation

Feel guide to getting lost – Rebecca soloman

Effective executive – Peter drucker

Words that work

The year without pants:

How Proust can change your life – Alain de botton

Feel guide to getting lost – Rebecca

Effective executive – anything by Peter

Words that work – frank


Unteathered soul (done)

The halo effect

The art of entrepreneurship

The art of the start – Guy Kawasaki

The hard thing about hard things: – Ben

Zero to one – Peter thiel

This is your brain on music – Daniel lavidson

Realms of human consciousness by stannace graph

Art of learning

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming – Steven leberech.

What I learned losing million dollars

Mastery – Robert green

Daniele Coleman – thinking fast and thinking slow

What I learned losing million dollars

Dropping ashes on Buddha – book

Only don’t know

The art of asking

Bill brayson – short history of nearly everything

Carl seagans – demon hounted world

Winners never cheat – John huntsman’s book..

Millionaire next door

Mind of a millionaire

Millionaires mind

The garden cities of tomorrow

Kitchen confidential – anothny bourdain

Writers journey – Joseph Campbell

Writers journey book

So nice if you we’rent here – Gordon’s book

Biography of davinci

Black out speech

Romance of davinchi – Demitry

Life of Buddha sutras – Edwin arnold – the light of Asia book

Book of Genesis


Gia the earth book

Edwin srewdener- spirituality book

Ages of the spirit

Influence by Robert chaldini

The WHO book – start up business

Centralism –

Ultimate sales machine –

Million dollar consulting book

Sales excellaration formula

Spin selling

Gary harbert letters

Stu middleman – 1000 miles in 11 days book

Douty jam- steven mitchell translation

Where ever you go there you are John cavinson (meditation book )

Psychology of consciousness – Robert arnsteel book

Varieties of religious experiences (Done)

Millionaire next door

What if book – science book

The name of the wind – Patrick rothfirst

The graveyard book – Neil gayman

Oscar messenda – Peter Carey

1000 true fans Kevin Kelley

Varieties of religious experience

William James classic book – varieties of religious experiences

Not fade away – Peter barden (maybe)

How to get filthy rich in Asia book

A Good man


Victor Franklin – man search for meaning

Guthama siddharda – herman Hesse

Mountain light – Galen Rowell

Lying Sam Harris

Drama of a gifted child

The Fantasy bond – ages 1 and 3

Continium concept

The last lion – William Manchester

The art of war –

Dropping ashes on the budda –

Gates of fire – steven pressfield

Once an eagle – Anton myrole

History of Western philosophy

Reasons and persons – derrick parfaits book

Thomas nagels- the last word

Mortal questions – Thomas nagels

Doughty xeings

Stan millman – way to peaceful warrior

Natural born heroes

House of leaves by mark Daniels

Bad science – Ben Acker

59 seconds – Richard wiseman

Snoop what stuff says about you

Good to great – Jim Collins

Money ball – Michael Lewis

A mathematician reads the news paper – Paulas

Finite and infinite game – James cars

Suffering is optional – Jerry Huber

Dan Gilbert – happiness

Edward abbey – desert solitaire

Thurough’s journels

Essential room mate – Coleman

Adya shanti

Path with heart – Jack Canfield

Tender children – when things fall apart

The shallows – tech book

Ancient art of stoic

Lying – Sam Harris


Snow crash

V for Vendeta

Meditations of Siddhartha

The name of the wind

The lies of Locke lamora

The zorb of the greek

The secret life of Salvador dally