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Thu 1 Oct 23:41 2020


It’s raining outside.. I hear the raindrops on my window and I love this noise.. my best mate Jase also loves it. many times we turned the tv volume down just to hear the rain on the window. here in the UK, it doesn’t rain fast but it’s slow constant rain. It’s usually wet.. and it’s always beautiful and green..Β 

Woke up nice and early, logged on sharp at work.. work was good.. went to the gym in my lunch break. was so happy.. one more day and i’ts Friday. I’m so grateful it’s Friday tomorrow. Thank you, god.. thank you for having Friday.. and then 2 days off.. so happy..Β 

” What would it take for me and for you to break this pattern of living like a normal human being and working 9-5, walking around, cooking, eating.. doing things you have to do.. but instead, start doing the have, be, do anything I and you want to do from now on.. and every pattern that is blocking the freedom to happen now, please get deleted from across mind, time, space and reality”

Logged off work nicely.. mother phoned around 5pm, spoke to me for an hour.. I had my headphones on and listen to her talk. I wish I had made her laugh. she was just going to bed in India 5 hours ahead of. me here..Β 

then was doing some errands, my mate Manual came over afterward to chill for a little bit, we were home eating cake, taking pictures..Β 

3 thing i’m grateful for todayΒ 

– for my mate manual.Β 

– for my apple headphones..Β 

– for this swimming pool is so close to me that I can go to swim.

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Good night and good luck.. (put your face nice;-))

Ash K’haleem