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Tue 29 Sep 20:17 2020


Days are just going like that. just like that.. Happy birthday to me yesterday .. spoke to parents for a long time.. then to my best friends in Australia, no sorry, little niece and nephew my dearest Nousheen and Danish had rung me first as mother anticipated the day before, they rung and together they sung the song. Happy birthday, happy birthday mama.. then Rahul from Aus phoned.. I did not speak to him for many years now.. my best friends from university time. I’m so grateful to have all these friends and family to txt and message and wish..Β 

Becasue You’re Gorgeous – Babybird, I do anything for you.. this is this song on the radio playing right now in front me and it feels so so soo good. 00:14.. I took a break earlier.. My mate Djon was driving pass and had messaged me he came over, we had a spiff and were catching up. he just left. lives south Modern…

I raised a ticket with mentors asking, how to change my website host provider.. they just got back to me with a huge article to read.. this will be my next goal.Β 

I’m so grateful for such a beautiful day today, I’m off to bed now.Β 

be productive!Β 

“What would it take for me and for you to wake up 20 times more energetic, younger, activer, happier, healthier tomorrow morning.. ” Night ciao.Β 

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