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When I started my LLC Company, I had no idea what LLC was..

An LLC, or limited liability company is your company, protects the LLC owners by limiting the owner’s liability. 

This means that business debts owed by you, and other claims on the business if in case, including liens and lawsuits, are limited to the assets of the business itself.

LLCs, give your business its own legal identity. 

LLCs can be owned by one or more people, who are known as LLC “members.” An LLC with one owner is known as a single-member LLC and an LLC with more than one owner is a multi-member LLC.

 If you wanted to build an online business and wanted to pay less in taxes, and invest the money and then save to earn better returns. Then forming LLC is the best choice. 

An online business can give you the freedom to do it from anywhere on earth.

You will,

1. Keep more of your own money (lower taxes through LLC) 

2. Create a freedom lifestyle (living where you want to working on your laptop and having option no matter what happens) 

 I’m sharing these what I’ve learned with you.  

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If you’re just getting started, or just aren’t sure where to start,


See you on the inside, 

Have a great weekend. 

Ash Khaleem

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