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Thu 3 Sep 23:44 2020


It was such a beautiful day today.. woke up early, went to the gym before work.. work was great.. prayed and mediated around lunchtime, and after work.. Went to the supermarket the little Sainsbury’s at lunchtime.. 

this guy helped me at the supermarket, some guy who works there when I was standing in the q.. then I knew, I shouldn’t tip him, I even got the thought, this is a supermarket, probably he’s not allowed to carry cash on him.. those 3 months I worked in Mcdonalds, there were no pockets to the trousers. 

I tried to give him some money and he said, give it to charity outside.. but he didn’t take it.. 

Everything that makes me do things, even though when I know the history of it, if there is a fear factor in there, please get deleted from my system and let me do on the thing that is right. 

Got home, from supermarkets.. worked rest of the afternoon.. Time flew.. went to dentists but realized the appointment’s tomorrow.. got home, took a nap. then mediated for 15 min and then went for a run it was raining all evening.. went running Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, and Westminster bridge.. 

So many annoying climate change people blocking the streets.. I had to stop at least 3 times, to wait to cross the road, bkz, both the Westminster and Lambeth bridges one side were closed, the people with their banner standing and doing nothing and as many people were their police were there with masks. 

people go home.. the police can go home too. read more, educate yourself we have the technology available to block the sun’s direct rays coming to earth if it’s get to it.. but it won’t need it. stop being annoying and blocking streets and disturbing residence like me around the parliament… 

Next time when I got back to my run if I see any extra barrier in my way other than my usual clear run around the parliament with your stupidity. go and educate yourself properly and if you can make a scientist of yourself and help to contribute to that technology to make it more advanced not by standing on the bridge and blocking the road. 

got home, Surrey and Hampshire were playing in the Kia ground next to me. my mate Mxxxxx came to chill for a little bit, I had world war 2 in color on tv.. ate a Horse radish beef sandwich, with salad and cuppa tea… 

such a wonderful day.. thank you thank you thank you thank you God.. 

What if God was one of us.. such a sloth-like one of us.. 

3 things I’m grateful for today 

 – for all the food I consumed today 

– for energy to run-walk do all things

– grateful for all the visual abilities I hold 

wish of the day – what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times more stronger, active, younger, happier, richer and healther tomorrow. 

Ciao Ciao.. 

Night. x

Ash K(haleem

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