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Sun 23 Aug 03:15ย 


Sat – woke up around 7:30.. got home late last night from Fxxxx.. from Knightsbridge I walked up to Oxford street from there to Picadilly circus then Trafalgar square from there, I took the bus 155 to Oval from there walked home.. I think I reached home under ยฃ5 even though that was not I was thinking about at all. Should I have taken the uber..ย 

but I would have missed walking.. looking for the bus stop and those bunch of young roller skater boyd I came across knightsbridge, I would have missed seeing them.. for a short a short moment, I wanted to be a part of them.. so I kinda walked with them for a bit looking for my bus stop.. they had such young energy. I was glad to be out. the weather is just so beautiful..

and then, I walked into that Indian looking middle eastern place and he said, then he won’t give me the half-price 50 percent discount that everyone’s doing now bkz I don’t sit there and eat.. he said, if you eat here.. it’s half price..ย 

But it was 01:30 AM, and he want’s me to eat there.. I just walked out and said, dude, it’s not fair.. but I should have said..ย 

“what would it take for all the energies that I created there to be deleted and converted to understanding and not to walk away like that but to think of something funny to say and everything that makes me do on the this planet other than dealing with funny, please all illusions in mind that creates that, please delete uncreate across all mind, time, dimensions space and reality”.. thank you christie, for clearing exercise.. “

from Trafalgar square I took the bus, then walked home from the oval.. came home was pleasant..ย 

I did enjoy walking. it was beautiful..ย 

Today wokeup.. wanted to start working 3 hours not stop on my business from today so sat down put my phone away. worked for a little bit then found out, there was Yoga happening at the gym at 11:30.. so I went to Yoga class.. then after that, went to see.. friends at Sky bar, Shadwell.. so beautiful, saw Sxxx, Ox, Hxx,ย 

got home.. took 30 min nap.. a mate from Bournemouth is in town, he came over.. I was gonna order Uber eats.. my mate said he ate burger earlier and I had eaten some junk at the sky bar.. so I didn’t wanted to do that.. so I asked my mate, let’s go supermarket.. we bought some chicken and vegetables etc from supermarket, omg.. the lady at the counter was very chatty..really really chatty bless her.. It was so wonderful how she was talking to me. probably she wanted to speak to someone.. my friend was waiting for me outside. I give her my blessings.. she said, he had been open all the times even at the time of the Covid, and had the same hours.. bless her!

anyway, 3 things I am grateful for todayย 

– for having such a great day today at the skybar..

– for meeting all the friends..ย 

– grateful for the water that exists on our planetย 

1 wish of my dayย 

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, energetic, confident, happier, younger, smarter, richer, beautifular and muscular tomorrow.. night..ย