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Sat 25 July 2020 23:27


Woke up 6:30.. Sun was coming into my room, it so beautiful, went for a jog.. spoke to parents while making breakfast. Flatmate Marce left a lemon plant and flatmate Ben left 2 more plants for me now to look after while they go visit their families first time in since the lockdown. I watered them and I was looking after them this morning.ย 

Remembered a conversation with brother last night, to count the things to be grateful for when I asked him to say something tasty. (Mazeka).ย 

The mother showed me a new beautiful necklace she bought.. I asked her to wear them, she looked very beautiful, then I asked her about the other one she had, she said, she have it and I asked her if she could wear that too. bkz she looked so beautiful.. she laughed and she did.. I was on a video call with her.. and then a couple more and then a couple more .. I made her wear her entire jewelry.. she has so much of gold. she looked so beautiful as a goddess.. I was taking her screenshots..ย 

Later in our goodnight family message, I sent those pics to all group, she said why did you do that to me.. I am pretty sure, it have lightened by brothers and sisters mood..ย 

A friend came to see around 6:30 pm.. It’s raining outside today.ย 

he asked me – how many religions you have in India?

I said – there are thousands of religions in India..ย 

I then said, right, you have 2 more questions and 5 min left..

he was like, oh really.. ok.. let me think.. hmm. I reminded him, just 2 more questions..

he thought for a few seconds and asked, does people follow any religion there like Christian.. what religion are to me.. I laughed and said, I was born as a Muslim.. he said, oh ok, I am Christian, I got my answer.. I laughed again.. and said, it’s how much you think about it.. how much you want to label is your religion, my religion. .is there religion all these. how much you think of them. If you don’t think of them, then you won’t label them. just stop thinking..ย 

Right, you have just 1 question left.. ask me anything.. anything including, yourself, your fitness.. last and final question.. he thought for a few minutes.. and said,ย ย 

If you have a chance to get married to someone who’s not your choice, someone not your ideal,ย  but you had to do it.. would you do it? I said to him is that your ultimate last question? I didn’t understand, can you ask all of it again, he said, what would your ideal partner would be like.. like how do you want it.. Do you want tall or short or from a country..ย 

I was like.. Oh.. I have such a window opened up now naturally to make a wish of how I would want it to be like.. but Alas, by his earlier question he changed, it didn’t want to hurt his poor soul. I said, there won’t be a joy of finding the thrill of it if you want it to look it in a certain way. he said you answered it in a way I know but, I am sure, you have .. I kinda wanted this all to end.. so I said, just be here and now all the times. Try and be here and now. Don’t think of the past, might feel guilt or anger.. don’t think of the future and feel anxious and don’t label things.. right.. I have to finish off this!

escorted him outside and made Tomato Daal Lentin and Omlets for dinner and send a daal pic to mother sharp at 8pm..ย 

3 things I am grateful for today

– grateful for my roomย 

– grateful for my bed

– grateful for the energyย 

1 wish of my dayย 

Would it take for me and for you to get to experience something really cool and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.ย