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Thu 16 Jul 2020 23:57


Woke up around 6:30,, .. back to bed, woke up 8:15.. Logged straight to work. work was smooth. wen

Sunday 19 Jul 23:33 2020


Woke up 6:30.. felt very active and energitic.. got ready for the jog and it started raining. It was so beautiful. Went for a jog around 9:30.. Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge and Westminster bridge.. rained but it was so beautiful.Β 

took a nap around mid day.. went upto Horse Guards Parades, Trafalgar square and had a Sunday Roast.

Went in Silver cross pub in Whitehall and ate Sunday roast with beef. it had roast beef, peas, carrots, green long beans, a yorkshire pudding. all vegs boiled, gravy,Β 

On my way back, I saw this guy who looked like my professer in the Uni, but this guy, he must have been a vetaran or something in the past, I kinda felt aw for me.. I couldn’t leave him and stood by the horseguard meorial building observing what he was doing. He was carring a big trolley, then 2 small bags, they must have been heave and he was walking very slow.. and stopping . and then resting few seconds.. then walking again a little further..Β 

Dressed very well.. My HR professor looked a bit like him.. I walked past him.. wondered what’s his story was.. then waited for him and then I went back and gave him some money.. I said to him, please take a cab. he looked bewildered, was talking in himself.Β 

I got home around 8:30, just before the sunset.Β 

3 things i am grateful for todayΒ 

– grateful for my parents

– grateful for the energy to walk and jog twice this weekend..Β 

– grateful for all the friends I have..Β 

1 wish of my day – what would it take for that guy and guys like him on the entire planet to get a permanant home and happiness for themselves and everything in the way of that please uncreate delete de story acorss all time dimensions space reality..