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Wed 15 Jul 23:26 2020


Woke up 6:30, went for a jog before work. logged into work 8 am sharp. work was good.. spoke to mother around 11 am.. mate Chris from Deptford messaged today around midday, He was somewhere in Bristol, sending me his live location.. I was at my desk and he was on just hanging out.. He’s furloughed still.ย 

Around same time,ย Jon the Columbian mate messaged around lunch time.. Nay a black friend I know from Peckham messaged in the evening saying he was in the Oval and I said, I am leaving home to go to Soho now and in the end, in the evening, I went to Clapham park instead..ย 

Finished work at 4pm, asked Ken, a mate from Vauxhall if he wanted to join me for a walk up to Soho or Clapham, he said he’s busy.. I just decided to walk up to Clapham park, on my way, I had messaged my Portuguese/french mate Manual from Vauxhall, that I am walking up to Clapham North, you can join if you want too.. etc.ย 

In the afternoon, my friend Peter from Birmingham had also sent me a funny picture of Boris Johnson, to which I just responded.. Haha.. thank you!

On my way to Clapham this evening, I had messaged my Uni/only Indian friend left here in the UK, I messaged her asking if she was able to come back to UK, she was stuck in India past 4 months bkz of the lockdown, she said, the flights are still not on, but she took a special flight booked by Indian Government to send people back who are stuck like her.. It was expensive but she was happy to come back home.. Her husband was stuck here.ย 

Around 4 pm, Ms Sandra had messaged me sending me her holiday beech pictures from Cornwall, I asked her if she had been staying in the Caravan like we stayed last time when I went with them, she said, they are staying at a chalet. the view from her front window is below the beech. England’s beautiful.ย 

On my way to Clapham, I had messaged my mate Tomi from Leyton, who went to visit his family first time since the lockdown, last week to Hungry, asking if he’s back and wanna catch up for dinner.. I want to go to Soho.. and sit outside and eat.. I would love to do that.. he said he came back on Monday evening, and he doesn’t wanna go for dinner.. and he sent me a long voice message.. 2 of them actually telling how his holiday was.ย 

On my way back from Clapham around 9:30 pm, I had my mate Jason from Kennington, sent me aย  joke clip from Fraser tv show.ย  Where Fraser says to Martin, ” Niles and I have decided to give all your things to charity but donating your clothes to the blind “..ย 

3 things I am grateful for todayย 

– for all the friends I have

– for all the relations I have

– for the energy today to walk upto Clapham and come back and for jogging this morning 3 bridges..ย 

1 wish of my day

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times younger, stronger, activer, leaner, fitter, muscular, happier, healthier, richer, kinder, and an extra multi richer and everything in the way of that happening, please get deleted across the mind, time, dimensions, space and reality..ย 

Good night and good luck.ย 

see ya!

Hola, Ash.. Go to bed!ย ย