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Monday 15 Jun 23:47 2020


Woke up 7:30 nice and easy, logged on work sharp at 8 am.. bright and beautiful day outside, I made biryani for breakfast and had learned this lesson for today listening to some book that every object vibrates frequency. even the innocent-looking objects radiates energy. even out thoughts have a frequency.ย ย with unlimited love and compassion to all objects and all creatures is the only way one can increase their consciousness.ย 

Anyway, the weekend was pretty funny, had met my mate Tamas, Eduardo, went to Clapham park with bench as well.. was a busy and productive weekend.ย 

It’s still quarantined here and it was the first time walking around in Sun with friends this summer and it felt so beautiful. My friend also bought a dog with him.. there were like a million people in the park. then from Clapham park, we walked to Battersea park. the weather was so beautiful. Walking in London is so beautiful, there are so many cute people and so many things to see all around.ย 

got home around 6.. I had a viewing for a new flatmate. and I asked him before him coming, how was he doing with the COVID, he said, he had been in the lockdown for the last 3 months and he had been isolating.

then he asked me if I was worried, and I asked him back, if he wasn’t? then he said, he might have already had in March and this is June..ย and he recovered it. but he doesn’t know.. there is no test.ย 

I was like, o my god..I did ask you what was your status, you could have told me on the phone you had it.

this was the first time, I came in contact with somebody who contacted COVID. my mother will completely freak out. but I think it’s safe to meet the recovered person.ย 

And today is the day from the 15th that govt. made it mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport. and my employer had asked us in the form of feedback, your thoughts on a phased return to work, I told them, please, I delivered my 100% what i was doing while I was coming to work, so my position can be allowed to be worked permanently from home.. the transport, travel, so much of time can be saved..ย 

3 things I am grateful for todayย 

– grateful for workย 

– grateful for weatherย 

– grateful for parents

1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you and for mine and for your, entire family and the surroundings to be completely completely immune to all these craziness and our thoughts to be more focused on being whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, healthy, and wealthy and everything that is blocking these good thoughts to come, please get deleted across the mind time dimensions space and reality..ย 

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Good night and goodbye!