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By the end of 2020, do you still want to be working for someone else in the career that you’re working in?

Or would you like to have the freedom to go wherever you want to go, and do whatever you want to do, while earning an income from businesses that you’ve built behind something you’re passionate about? 

Because if you’d much rather the latter, then I’m afraid it’s not going to happen by itself.

We’ve got to get clear that we have a goal to build a successful online business and scrap our 9 to 5 once we’ve replaced our income, then we have to start taking decisive, consistent action.

Remember when I gave you exclusive access to that Workshop Video Series from my personal mentor Stuart Ross, that teaches you how to build an online business around your passions? 

In case you missed any of the videos or want to review them, you can watch them all from right here.

Maybe you didn’t start at the time because you had some reasons that were holding you back. A lot of people (Me included) don’t start because of a combination of the following reasons: 

  • I don’t have any products, services or value to build a business behind.
  • I have no idea where to even start
  • I don’t believe it’s even possible
  • I don’t have the time
  • I have to keep working a full-time job to pay my bills
  • I don’t have technical skills
  • I don’t have much money

Do you relate to any of those? I definitely did.

  1. You don’t need your own products or services, the most powerful online businesses leverage other company’s products and services using a similar model to Uber, Airbnb & Expedia. (They don’t own their own taxis, hotels or airplanes yet they LEAD their respective markets)
  2. I’ll show you exactly where to start, at the bottom of this.
  3. Most people start building their first business in a couple of hours every evening after work. I DON’T advise quitting your job before you’re making enough of a return to comfortably cover your current salary so that your bills are covered.
  4. With point-click software available nowadays, you don’t need to be technical at all. If you’ve already learnt how to use Facebook, YouTube, Google etc, learnt how to read your emails, and learnt how to use a smartphone… Then you can follow simple training learn how to build a website and market online.
  5. If you don’t have money, then that’s exactly why you need to learn how to earn more money using online business. Saying “I can’t start because I don’t have money” is like saying “I can’t go to the gym because I don’t have muscles”…

So, do not let any of those reasons (Or any others for that matter) hold you back. Every reason can be overcome, I promise you that you’re not the first person in the world ever to have the same reasons as you. If others have overcome them, then so can you.

You’ve got this.

So if you wanna start building your own business, if you wanna take back control of your own life and be free to make your own choices, to be there for your family, to go where you want to whenever you want to, and wake up every day alive, inspired and fulfilled…

Then you’ve gotta start going through:

  • A world-class module-based education platform.
  • With a team of mentors and leaders.
  • Your own dedicated one on one support specialist.
  • Multiple live webinars every week.
  • Every tool you’ll need integrated together under one roof.
  • And most importantly a crystal clear roadmap that is uniquely tailored to helping you not just build a business you love, but creates the life you want to be living as well. 

What’s the reason that’s coming up for you right now to not even try and start? Not enough time? Sounds too good to be true? It probably won’t work? They’re just trying to get my money?

Cos whatever that reason is, that’s probably the reason you haven’t moved forwards! How are you gonna build your own successful business, if you keep living as if your reasons are the truth?

I had to get over my own, I was totally skeptical.

But the very fact of doing something that is out of your comfort zone slays the monsters and dragons of fear and doubt on the spot. What monsters will you vanquish in 2020? 

This is your year. Don’t sell yourself short.

Stop listening to all the reasons NOT to do something, and start listening to all the reasons TO do something.

I started by educating myself from the best of the best in online business. I got my hands on an education platform, and joined one of the most incredible communities imaginable. 

Just do what I did, follow in the footsteps. It’s proven. It works. We don’t need to overcomplicate things. I didn’t have my own products, I didn’t have specific tech skills that gave me an edge… Success leaves clues. Follow them.

So if you wanna follow me and join the same community side by side with me too, then you can go ahead and submit an application for $29.95 right here:

But what if you don’t like it? What if it’s not as good as it sounds? What if you don’t get value? What if, what if, what if…?

Well they make it ridiculously simple to overcome the “what ifs”. Go access all their training, speak to your consultant, start building some trust in them, and if at any point within 30 days you decide it’s not for you, just cancel and get your money returned with a single button click. 

No awkward phone conversations, no conditions like “You’ve gotta do the training then we’ll refund you” or any of that crap. Just a button click. Easy.

So come on, are you gonna make this year count? Stop listening to the reasons not to, just put them to the side and stop letting them define your future.

Just make a start, take action, and then see what you think.

I sure didn’t regret it and you won’t either.

Here’s to your 2020, this is your year.

Ash Khaleem

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