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Tue 19 May 00:44 2020


Woke up Monday 7:45 am..,

Logged straight into work from bed.. My 25th day of the fasting had gone well..

I had been listening to a Michael singers books today and he talked about, the voice that we have in our mind, the one which keeps talking to us, telling us what to do, How to do..

Just constantly telling us to do things.. that voice, we shouldn’t have it.. that’s the ultimate goal under mindfulness, not having a constant unnecessary chatter in our mind.

It’s our mind that is thinking and talking and telling us things. A mind is just a tool, a tool is something that you just use it when you need it. Like a blender or screwdriver.

It’s one of the main parts of our body that we actually have conscious control over, just like our hands and fingers.

The mind is just a part of the body, just like our beautiful heart is. we should use it when we need to figure out things, like finding a vaccine to Corona or solving a maths problem, or building a rocked to go in space. If the mind is not in use, then it must be kept to rest.. just like a dick. A complete rest. However, our mind has taken over us and control. We tend to either live in the past or constantly be anxiously predicting the future.

how many times, I got angry to myself being home alone during this quarantine.. Many times, I was laughing like crazy as well to myself but, so many times, I didn’t realize, I was getting angry during the day, for no reason, just by some thoughts come in my mind and would make me very angry.. Neither that person nor the event is happing now.. It’s we who keep those memories and angry moments alive in our mind.. we think about the negative emotion created over and over and over..Β Β that negative experience happened once! somewhere a million years ago and we keep it alive for so many years..

This is our mind which is doing all these things, if we can meditate, we can calm it a little bit, that will be a start and we can start taking control over our mind a bit by bit..

Anyway, I was just gonna write about my dinner today which was..Β “Khagina”

Khagina is a country Indian food made just with some nice basic stuff like Onions and Eggs.

Ingredients, for one person meal.

1 Big Onion (White Onion preferable )

2 Eggs

2 teaspoons of Oil

Half teaspoon Chili powder

Half teaspoon Salt or how much ever you prefer..

A quarter teaspoon of Turmeric

A quarter teaspoon of Ginger and Garlic paste ( or 2 Cloves of Garlic and same 2 clove size ginger) ginger dick;)

Anyway, take a small pan, the pic that you see below, not that one.. I used a wrong pan today, use the one which has a little curved in the middle, so the water doesn’t dry out. I had to add water a few times today..

Add oil.. chop Onions, not that small pieces, that have to be like, half-length to your little finger. Not the thickness the length, the thickness can be 3 half’s in your nail..

When the oil is hot, add Onions, then add all ingredients from the above, chili, salt, haldi, ginger and garlic, that’s it, cover it.. and let the onions cook up to golden brown.. it got dry today, I had to add water a few times but if you cover is properly and don’t let the water go, the Onions will cook properly.

Don’t need to mix that much, when the Onions are almost done, add eggs to it, in one minute flip the eggs around, and then one or two more minutes, you can turn the stove off.. this is all on a medium stove.. should take about 15 minutes..

Onions will be golden brown, not black-brown, and usually eaten with White Rice, if the Onions are done properly when you squeeze the onions with rice, they give a lot of gravy.

It’s nicer to eat with white rice but it’s also nicer with chapati or a naan bread..

3 things I am grateful for today

– the table that I am sitting on.

– for this banana in my hand.

– for the invention of electricity.

1 wish of my day

What would it take for me and for you to be able to take control of our mind now on and forever and everything in the way of that happening, please dear mind, delete, delete and delete from all my mind and from across all time dimensions space and reality..

Click Here to watch a food picture on my website.

Take care,

Ash KhaleemΒ 

As mentioned above, I didn’t just get angry all the times being home for these 8 weeks now during this quarantine, I had done several things, one day I dressed up, one day I put all my jewelry, one day I was cleaning my bedroom shelves, was catching up with friends that I haven’t spoken in years. so it’s not all that bad.

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Food below, one of that made by me and one by my brother.Β